Cynthie started painting professionally in 1986, after winning the first duck stamp contest she entered. She’s since won 17 state contests, as well as being the featured artist many times over for Ducks Unlimited, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the Wild Turkey Federation, The Mule Deer Foundation, and many other conservation organizations, where her prints have raised lots of money for habitat. Cynthie’s artwork can be seen at many shows nationwide, including Safari Club International, the Wild Sheep Convention, and the Dallas Safari Club show, where the vibrant colors in her paintings (and her 6’4” height) make her a stand-out. Cynthie is known for her accurate and detailed portrayals of all types of wildlife from around the world (eighteen trips to Africa has helped!), and she usually enhances her paintings with dramatic lighting and action.. Due to her degree in zoology and lifelong interest in animals of all types, she is an expert at anatomy and behavior.

Support for Conservation: 

Cynthie's artwork has earned many thousands of dollars in auctions for all the conservation groups she belongs to. She has over 125 of her paintings in print, and donates every year to many groups and charities.