Mosasaurus maximus

Mosasaurus maximus | Wallhanging by Jeanne Filler Scott | Artists for Conservation

Mosasaurus maximus

72.00" H x 48.00" W
Oil (oil on canvas)
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While I was an art student at Rutgers University in 1977, I was commissioned to create a 4 ft x 6 ft oil painting of a Mosasaur for the Rutgers Geology Museum. While on loan to another museum, a roof leak caused damage to the painting. I restored the painting this year (2022), and it is now back hanging in the museum in the mosasaur display. Mosasaurs were native to New Jersey during the Cretaceous Period, and fossils have been found in the state. The Unveiling Event, which took place in Dec. 2022, featured a meet and greet with the artist, a guest lecture by mosasaur expert Amelia Zietlow (PhD Candidate, American Museum of Natural History) and historic paleoart by Alfred Poledo, whose paintings hung in the upper walkway of the museum in the 1970’s. These paintings were inspirational to me as a student, and I spent a lot of time there studying them. The title of the painting is "Mosasaurus maximus". The mosasaur was the apex predator in the prehistoric oceans which it inhabited, reaching a length of up to 59 feet.

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