Jeanne Filler Scott paints equine and wildlife subjects with attention to anatomy, character and personality. The animals in her paintings, all of whom are friends or personal acquaintances, project a living presence and individuality.

When you look into the eyes of one of her animals, you feel the animal looking back at you. Jeanne says, "I paint with the understanding that each animal is unique. The animal may represent the entire species as an ideal, but on a deeper level, the animal before me is an individual. I try to do justice to my subjects and give their images the vitality and character they deserve."

An interviewer once wrote that the animals in her paintings contained the "spark of life." When viewing one of her paintings, you immediately get the feeling her subjects are old friends, with subtleties of their characters and expressions finding expression in paint only because of long, sympathetic understanding.

A sense of individual life is what Jeanne imparts so well. The calm eyes of a bison follow you around a room; a foal stands undecided whether to run away or take a lump of sugar from your hand; three wolves languidly watch you from a sun-warmed rock in a snowy landscape. Jeanne's paintings are celebrations of life.

Support for Conservation: 

The Nature Conservancy:  In 1996, I illustrated a brochure with pen-and-ink and watercolor drawings for the Nature Conservancy Kentucky Chapter.  The illustrations depicted endangered speciies native to Kentucky.  The brochure was the winner of the Award of Merit for the 1996 Bronze Quill Awards given by the International Association of Business Communicators.  My family also supports the national Nature Conservancy with donations.

We also donate to various other conservation groups, including the African Wildlife Foundation, the Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, Center for Biological Diversity, World Animal Protection, Primate Rescue Center, and the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.