Awards & Achievements

  • Nov, 2019

  • Nov, 2019

  • Jan, 2013

    "Draw and Paint 50 Animals", published by North Light Books in 2013, is a compilation of demos of how to paint and draw many different kinds of animals from previous books by Jeanne Filler Scott. It also includes a section on drawing and painting materials, techniques, creating backgrounds, finding animal subjects and gathering references.

  • Jan, 2010

    Jeanne Filler Scott, Author and Illustrator of the book "Draw and Paint Realistic Horses", published by North Light Books in 2010.  This book contains 12 start-to-finish projects; step-by-step demonstrations of how to draw and paint horses of all kinds, from thoroughbreds to draft horses; outline showing the distinguishing features of different horse breeds and stages of maturity; and explanations of basic tools and techniques for use in pencil, acrylic and oils.  The book also contains a gallery of Jeanne's equine paintings.

  • Nov, 2008

    "Painting More Animal Friends" is a sequel to my book "Painting Animal Friends".  This book focuses mostly on wild animal subjects, including Woodland Animals, Baby Animals, Exotic Animals and Birds, and includes 21 step-by-step projects in acrylic.

  • Jun, 2005

    "Painting Animal Friends" was published by North Light Books in 2005.  It contains 21 step-by-step demos in acrylics, with subjects such as dogs, cats, horses, cows, pigs and chickens.

  • Jan, 2002

    "Wildlife Painting Basics--Small Animals", authored and illustrated by Jeanne Filler Scott, was published by North Light Books in 2002.  It features demos on how to draw and paint small mammals, including rabbits, squirrels, foxes, raccoons, opossums, groundhogs, ferrets, otters and small rodents.