The Artist

"“I have always been fascinated by nature and art. I have memories of being awed by the rainforests of Hawaii when I was only a toddler. Other early inspiration came while wandering as a child in the Tallgrass prairie region of Illinois. There is no better teacher than nature. When I would come home, my mother would put a paintbrush in my hand.” "

Kim Kanoa Duffek is recognized as an artist with a strong understanding of the natural world.
Tucson became home after finishing degrees in wildlife ecology and studio art at the University of Arizona. Daily immersion in the plants and animals of the very diverse Sonoran desert region of southern Arizona provide constant inspiration and new insight into ecological interactions. Every new corner of the planet provides new knowledge and ideas to translate into art.
To credit are numerous awards, published illustrations (including an award-winning children’s book), and paintings in both public and private collections.

Recent Artwork