The Artist

"Bandipur Tiger Reserve, one of the last real refuges for the wildlife in India and what I call home for the past 17 years is my source of inspiration. Though beset with problems, the natural diversity around me fascinates me and provides me the subjects that I paint and fight for in my role as a wildlife artist and conservationist. I firmly believe that with tolerance and compassion humans and animals can live side by side in harmony. The following quotes by Mahatma Gandhi have been a constant reminder and source of inspiration to me in all my actions and projects in conserving the bio-diversity in the Indian Sub-continent and the “ Ecological Hotspot’’ that is the Western Ghats of which the Bandipur Tiger Reserve is a part of. “Earth provides enough to
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I am a wildlife artist who lives and works in the Bandipur tiger Reserve area. Mangala village has been home to me for 25 years and this is where I have chosen to put my roots. It has been a tough journey and as I broke all the sterio typical images of women in India, it was an uphill journey of learning to live side by side with villagers in an area where time has stopped for 200 years. It is now home and I am now considered a "local". I love my life here beyound reason and I would never live anywhere else in the world. I share the same space with elephants, leopards, occasionally tigers and all other wildlife. My focus in life has been to make a change and support all wildlife which means supporting all the locals. I have achieved that even though it has taken me 25 years, a quarter of a centuary!! Never the less! There is so much more work to be done, it sits heavily on my shoulders as time seems to be running by. As an artist I hope to achieve all that I envision for this magical and critically endangered landscape.  

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