For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with the natural world, and in painting and drawing; these two passions have evolved into a common thread in my life. The decision to study Geology and Biology, instead of going to art school, seemed almost trivial at the time, but it has made all the difference. Jackson Pollock said that “every good painter paints what he is”, and my background in the life sciences has provided me with a philosophy and insight that serves as an endless source of inspiration. It was during my time as a Peace Corps volunteer in a remote village on the Mosquito Coast of Honduras, that I came to the realization that I wanted to focus on painting tropical wildlife. Upon my return to the states, I had a very successful one man show, which provided the impetus to return to Central America to teach AP biology at the American School of Guatemala. The teaching was demanding, but I put together a one-man show at La Antigua Galeria de Arte in Antigua which did very well; the time was past ripe to leave teaching behind. Tragically, around this time my wife Margie fell ill and we returned to the United States to seek treatment; she passed away shortly thereafter. It has been a struggle; all the beauty and inspiration are still all around me, and though it is not the same, she made me promise to follow this passion and to live a life worthy of painting. I have relocated to the Finger Lakes region of New York where my family has a long history and a lake house on Seneca Lake.