"We are on a ball floating through space. So fragile and thin is our earth's atmosphere that if the earth was an apple the atmosphere is the skin. We are the crew of this natural spaceship and our ignorance and unwillingness as species to see conservation as a means of survival is at an impasse. I believe conservation and survival have become synonymous for the continuation of the living library that is planet earth.  "

I must admit, my attention towards the conservation movement has been almost nonexistent until recently. I have always loved the outdoors with a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature. This hasn't changed, but as I grow older I see that I must play a role for conservation in my own way. We are all passengers on this beautiful earth. As a new contributing member of the AFC I have embarked on a journey with them to explore how I can help and how I may be a useful tool in bringing awareness to conservation efforts. It's time to paint for a deeper meaning.