My connection to art is through my life experiences and adventures. I am an avid outdoorsman, scuba diver, mountain climber, bush pilot, paddler, and fellow traveler. My life experiences have been varied and my art reflects the quiet moments within nature, under the trees, in the sky or on the water. It's during these moments one doesn't have to look far to appreciate how we share these spaces with countless creatures and habitat; we are but one of the many specimens of the living library of the earth.

It seems so ridiculous we must create such institutions as The AFC to advocate for nature. Somehow it isn't so obvious that we are connected to the earth as much as a tree is rooted to the ground. Until our global consciousness changes to understand and accept our stewardship of the planet I am happy to be part of the AFC. 

My art career started as a bush pilot on call in Yellowknife NWT. I created and sold detailed pen and ink drawings of the aircraft fleet we flew. I sold these paintings to the owners and pilots. Then I began painting and sketching the lakes we worked on and the surrounding shoreline.

Moving paint around, to describe what I see is a true privilege and joy for me. I have many subjects that move me as an artist. It’s the experience of adventure that moves me most in my art and my life; those scenes are what I was born to paint. 

Special Achievements: 

2014-2019 The West Fine Art show featured artist

2017-2019 The West Fine Art Show Vice President  

2015 Federation of Canadian Artist