I believe artists play an enormous role is driving home the message about the beauty around us. My goal is to educate the public to the greater value of wildlife and encourage support for those organizations that endeavor to protect all species and environments.

As a native San Diegan, I am blessed to have at hand so many mammals and birds to view without traveling about the world. Sketching at the world famous San Diego Global zoo, spending time on whale watching boats or watching seals on the beach is simply a neverending joy. I live in a rural part of the county so we have lots of the local wildlife and plein air opportunities.

 Life is short and I enjoy all aspects of art whether fine art with art competitions, cartooning (showing art at ComicCon), plein air painting or teaching art classes. Always happy to doodle an animal or take the challenge of a serious painting. 

I am a retired RN who is actively vaccinating others so that we can all get back into our past lifestyles. Besides keeping humans safe, we will keep our favorite models safe as many captive animals have contacted Covid. I also am the President of a local nonprofit art organization  and we opened a gallery just as Covid struck.  Another challenge that has forced creative opportunities.

I am a Signature Emeritus of Women Artists of the West, member of Salmagundi Club, California Art Club, San Diego Art Museum Artist Guild, San Diego Watercolor Society and several other organizations.

Support for Conservation: 

I have focused on the vanishing species we are facing by doing exhibits of the rear perspective of various animals. To the general public it initially evokes laughter until they read the titles and get the message that each one of the animals is on the way to extinction. While it does not generate sales it does indeed invoke conversation which is my goal, to educate through art.
Passive displays of educational material have not had near the effect as my "putting it your face" displays. Once engaged I encourage people to do work , or join organizations that can work towards a better appreciation of our animals and landscapes. I am pleased to have various "rear" pieces exhibited in a number of shows that create exposure to the general public which sends my message of the urgent need to conserve our resources.