Barry, a Registered Professional Engineer, retired from Vale, has been a proud resident of Sudbury since 1973 and is a member of the Walden Association of Fine Arts. He possesses a keen interest in nature, wildlife and conservation and uses this, with his attention to detail, to accurately portray a wide range of subjects in their natural surroundings. Themes for his paintings, although weighted towards the wildlife genre, include landscapes.

The portrayal of landscapes and natural settings offers its own challenge of creating the mood of the moment by transferring the image on to the canvas or board. It forces the artist to understand the use of colour and light to capture this moment in time. Wildlife subjects and their natural surroundings require extensive research in order to achieve as high a degree of realism as possible. Barry's safari to Tanzania in 2004 (as part of the WPBS Television show ‘Journey of an Artist') was in keeping with his thirst for accurate and inspiring references. Over the last 30 years he has had the good fortune to have taken courses from Robert Bateman, Glen Loates, Ivan Wheale and Dwayne Harty, all of whom have had a significant impact on his work.

In response to the interest and support received over the years, Barry continues to donate generously to a number of local initiatives as a means of ‘giving something back' (e.g. Ducks Unlimited since 1988, Kidney Foundation, Lake Laurentian Conservation Area, Sudbury Kennel Club, Canadian Cancer Society, Catholic Women's League, Golf for a Cure, Access Aids, Conservation Ontario, Sudbury Symphony Orchestra, Crohn's and Colitis Foundation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to name a few).

Over the last 30 years, Barry's works have garnered recognition and received awards from the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, NOAA, Ducks Unlimited, La Cloche Art Show and was recently the feature artist for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Dinner/Auction.

Barry's works have been widely collected locally and as far away as Australia. Having been selected as Ducks Unlimited's Ontario Sponsor Print Artist for 1994, limited edition prints of ‘Adrift' have been widely distributed among corporate and small business sponsors across Canada.

In a time when many of our birds and mammals are endangered and at risk of extinction, it is of paramount importance to create a legacy of images that can serve as a reminder of the majesty that once was or an inspiration for actions to save them.

The same rationale applies to landscape subjects. The growth of urban areas impacts the urgency to preserve wilderness areas. Landscape images that create a sense of awe and evoke emotion from the viewer can only help to increase awareness of conservation.

Despite the lure of exotic reference locations, Barry has always found the North to abound with endless photo reference opportunities. Manitoulin Island, La Cloche, Lake Laurentian Conservation Area, Killarney Park and Onaping Falls are a few of his favourite locations that will always inspire his creativity.

Support for Conservation: 

Over the past 28 years I have proudly supported conservation efforts through Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area(Sudbury,ON, Canada). I have also donated generously to the fundraising efforts for the Canadian Cancer Society, Kidney Foundation, Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation in my local community.