"I hope that with my art, I will encourage greater awareness of how unique Australia's wildlife really is. We have such a diverse array of unique mammals, reptiles and birds, some dangerous, some tiny and insignificant, but all as important as the other.  I believe that we all have a responsability to take care of our country's fauna and flora and through my art I feel I can help highlight it's importance to preserve what we have left.  "

I will always continue to support wildlife conservation groups big and small with my art. We all need to help find ways to restore and protect the natural balance upon which all life depends. There are countless non-profit organisations giving countess hours and money to help our wildlife. Wildlife carers all around our country are dedicated to help our orphaned and injured wildlife. I believe it is important to support our little wildlife warrior groups just as much as larger organisations.  'Aussie Ark' , 'Australian Koala Foundation ' , Native Animal Tust Fund' and 'WILD Environmental Conservation organisation',  all play an important roll in wildlife  conservation. 

Conservation Projects & Causes

WILD Conservation

1 Million Turtles Community conservation Program

The clock is ticking for Australian freshwater turtles. Over the last 40 years, the most common and widespread species have declined by up to 91% because of introduced foxes and increased urbanisation. We are also seeing mass die-offs as a result of habitat-quality related diseases. Traditional management strategies to reduce these impacts are not working and we are running out of time to reduce their risks of extinction. Turtles are iconic, but are also of major importance in river ecosystems and a loss of abundant scavengers, will...