"Animals (and wildlife)  have been a passion for most of my life, particularly since the first real drawings I instinctively wanted to make were of wild animals, copied from a book. In a family who were not particularly drawn towards animals, domestic or wild, this was an innate connection to the animal world and it terrifies me that we are actively causing the extinction of so many species in my lifetime.  "

For over 25 years I have been actively fundraising for wildlife charities through art events, donations of artwork and financial donations and continue this work for our local Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary in Shetland. This small charity have had a huge effect on local and international awareness of care for sea mammals in particular, far greater than one would expect from such a small body, as people from all over the world have visited, volunteered and now help with financial support, and gone back to their homes inspired and enthused to help their own local wildlife sanctuaries. Their particularly empathetic care for the animals, treated with utmost care and dedication with the aim of rewinding, stems initially from the founder, Jan Bevington, joined later by her partner, Pete, who have imbued all their volunteers with the same careful handling methods, showing utmost respect and love for the animals. Having agreed to be a Trustee in an exciting time of transition with plans for new and improved animal housing, pools and visitor facilities, there is a lot of work to be done to safeguard the ongoing work as new younger staff will need to carry on the vision.

Conservation Projects & Causes

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary Art Competition - Postponed till 2021 | Anne Barron

Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary Art Competition

Art competition for adults & children to raise funds and awareness for the Hikkswick Wildlife Sanctuary - postponed from 2020 to 2021 - details to be confirmed