The intimate detail and exquisite beauty of wildlife and underwater life, has for a number of years, been the subject of Curtis Atwater's artistic endeavors. His work attempts to convey a sense of action and drama in the natural world.

He is an avid nature enthusiast, fisherman and outdoorsman who studies his subjects first hand. Most ideas for paintings originate from actual experiences on the water or in the field. Reference material is gained through photography and sketching both in the studio and outdoors. In spring before the algae blooms, he tramps the shallows of streams and lakes. Later when the water warms a little, he snorkels many lakes and rivers throughout the province of Ontario. He has travelled across Canada from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland in a quest to catch and study fish species and wildlife in their natural environment. Game fish, North American predatory mammals and birds of prey are his subjects of choice. In the quest for accurate depictions of his subjects he has regularily been seen fishing for Chinook salmon and halibut off Vancouver Island, tarpon fishing in Cuba, Atlantic salmon fishing in New Brunswick, Muskie fishing in Northwestern Ontario, Lake trout fishing in the Yukon Territories, Pike fishing in Northern Saskatchewan, Speckled trout fishing in Labrador, or saltwater fishing in the Caribbean sea. It seems to be as much fun catching and studying fish as it is painting them.

 His paintings have sold to major corporations and individuals across the country and his illustrations have appeared on numerous magazine covers around the world, including Outdoor Canada, Real Fishing, Fish On (National Russian magazine), BC Outdoors, Musky Hunter, Michigan Out of Doors, Canadian Sportfishing, Ontario Ministry of Environment Fish Eating Guide, and Food and Agriculture United Nations. He has completed numerous limited edition print and stamp programs for the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, Muskies Canada, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, and Pacific Salmon Foundation. He has completed multiple series and individual coins for the Royal Canadian Mint including Freshwater Game Fish, Salmon, Canada Coastal, and In the Eyes Wildlife.