Raincoast Humpbacks

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Raincoast Humpbacks

32.00" H x 42.00" W
Mixed Media (Mixed - graphite, Staedtler marker, watercolour paint & maker)
Year Completed:
Humpback Whales
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Artist will donate 50% to Raincoast Conservation Society from sale of this work.
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$6,500 USD

Throughout our excursion we witnessed several pods of Humpback Whales using the “bubble net” feeding method to feast on the Herring. Watching these magnificent creatures work in unison to catch their meal was truly inspirational and became the idea behind my first Artistic Cartography piece for Raincoast. Listening to them, via the sonar that Captain Nick dropped over the side, still makes the hair on the back of neck stand on end and solidified the artistic idea that this hunting method had to be painted.

The concept of my Artistic Cartography pieces is to bring to the attention of the viewer the true importance of the subjects habitat and natural environment. Almost all of our endangered and threatened species are have lost habitat due to human encroachment and/or industrialization.

Available Editions of this Artwork

Edition Info Edition Size Dimensions Edition Price
Raincoast Humpbacks | Giclee (signed/numbered) 325 24.00" H x 32.00" W $300.00 USD

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