"I have always been a wildlife conservationist. From the very small things in life, to the very large things, we all can do something.; Whether it's composting and recycling to help reduce our own personal waste or contributing financially to one of the many wildlife organizations, it's something I feel strongly about.; God has blessed me with an artistic talent and a heart and love or animals and through my paintings I can glorify Him and let people enjoy the work I have created.; I most recently visited a big cat sanctuary and did a photoshoot while there.; I in turn painted one of their Siberian Tigers who was just having a nice lazy day. I have sent them prints and notecards of my painting for auctions and fundraisers.  "

I am always involved in the wildlife community that I am surrounded by and hope to continue to be. I love helping people by donating my time or something I have created to benefit them, or their organization, I love being as generous as I possibly can be. I am blessed beyond words and think others should feel the same!