Art is the most miraculous gift. Art can heal, it can change you. It can meet you where you are. It can bring you from your lowest of lows to your highest reaches.

Whether the painter or the observer, art can make a connection, a divine thread that says “I see you, and I am you.”

My name is Erin Foggoa, and I believe in the transformative power of artistic expression. 

I believe in channelling messages from source with my own work, I believe in creating healing art, and I know that we are all capable of creating this magic within ourselves.


For Erin, it begins with the eyes. The eyes convey the beauty and energy as well as the power, the depth, the knowing, the connection. Shakespeare said “the eyes are the window to the Soul” and it is that inner knowing that Erin wishes to convey; The eyes are EVERYTHING. 


Erin is a wildlife and intuitive artist. She is also a mother of two amazing girls, a serial entrepreneur, and she is lit up from within by the idea of “leaving a ladder.” Erin firmly believes in showing the way to other artists, entrepreneurs, women, mothers, on how to live a remarkable life.


Erin draws inspiration connecting with nature and wildlife with morning forest walks from just beyond the back door of her home in Nelson, BC. Erin is a unique blend of traditional and digital artist. She balances both as the two entirely different practices are a perfect metaphor for who she is; the traditional an expression of a need to get dirty, play with paint, create something tangible and textural, and the need for the perfect precise clean lines and hard abstract work that can only come from years of illustrating with her Mac. 


Erin will be joining fellow artists in a residency at Chateaux D’Orqueveaux France in April 2023, as well as having just gone on a grizzly tour this year to more deeply explore the textures and energy of these animals that feature constantly in her work. Erin is finishing up a beautiful NFT project creating conscious animal awareness, that will be released very soon.


Erin is a passionate member of Artists for Conservation, and donates and works with various wildlife wildlife organizations.