""Though free to think & act, we are held together like stars in the firmament with ties inseparable. These ties cannot be seen, but we can feel them.  We are all one".    Nikola Tesla   "

I am actively raising monies to protect wildlife and wildlands which is the driving force behind my creativity. I am using my skills as an artist to try to capture this wildlife so that I can support people, groups or communities that have the ability to do something concrete on the front-line to reverse arising problems. Wildlife is endangered through different forms of poaching, canning, culling and trophy hunting. The additional problems of the destruction of enviroments cause the drastic decrease of species to the brink of, or total extinction. I believe wildlife problems are not from Mother Nature (as evidenced by turn around solutons) but are caused by negative and harmful ways and decisions by those ill-informed, corrupt and disconnected from nature.


Conservation Projects & Causes


I am supporting AKASHINGA in ZIMBABWE 

"Empowering woman is the single biggest force for positive change in the world today with 62% of operational costs of the Akashinga model going directly back to the local community and with up to 80% of that at household level into the hands of woman. This is turning conservation into a community project securing their own destiny whilst safe guarding biodiversity"

"So this isn't the evolution of woman to be able to be rangers. This is the evolution of man to understand something we should have seen a long time ago. The Akashinga rangers...