I am a self taught artist using my art as an expression of the way I feel immersed and connected to the Natural World. I love the vast creative beauty of animals, their freedom and wildness, their uniqueness, their different sense and knowing.

I was born in Zimbabwe and lived there 25 years and from an early age onwards I continually explored Matobo, a  World Heritage site 30 minutes from my home and home to the largest number of African Leopard. The Matobo landscape in its uniqueness, silence and stark beauty is also an area of high botanical diversity. The grandeur of the huge granite stained outcrops and sheer rocks of Matobo have inspired my Wildlife and Botanical Art.

A few hours down the road was The Hwange Game Reserve (approximately the size of Belgium) where I fell in love with the inner and exterior beauty of the Elephant and the wildness of their land. The Lower Zambezi (the places of my many wild camping trips) and the Limpopo river areas were also within easy reach and felt wild and untouched. I was able to see the landscape of SW Zimbabwe to Botswana from a 4 seater plane transversing very low over the Matobo and following the Limpopo river. Not least, my own local doorstep river, the Umgusa, which was very varied along its course; crocodile infested, stagnant puddles and cracked mud in drought, raging waters in flood, the drift with African cattle alongside my Great Grandfather's old orange farm and which also had sections of deep clear water with Quartz and Amethyst rocks, now just jeweled memories in my mind.

Later I was also able to see the landscape across Mozambique, Northern SA, Kwa-Zulu Natal and varied national and private South African Game Reserves. I also spent time in and fell in love with diverse parts of Botswana from the inland Okavango delta fed from the mountains of Angola to the beginnings of the Kalahari Desert sands.

I have explored many times along and on the Zambezi river near the The Falls known as Mosi-oa-Tunya; which means '"he smoke that thunders" and flown by light aircraft low over wildlife in the surrounding areas.

Through my exploration and experiences I keenly observe and constantly paint with my eyes, especially noticing different lights, weather moods, natures movement, seasons and the ways of wildlife. I keep trying to put what is in my mind and heart onto my art paper and this may take forever as I am always learning.

On the AFC website I will be showing a range of wildlife, including some in their habitats and also botanical artworks from observed lifecycles that I grow or have good knowledge of.

My work is realitically based but worked in varied abstract methods and some works are entirely abstract.

I work in a range of media Egg Tempera, Gouache, Transparent Watercolour, Oil, and Graphite.

I also work in Stipple technique using black and white transparent inks. Working in full tonal range my artwork achieves a realist interpretation of subject using a unique abstractional effect that I continually explore combined with my personal response to subject. My many years of commercial pen and ink work allows a high intimate level with the materials which is essential to this technique, as is the close affinity, observation and knowledge of the subject.

Support for Conservation: 

I choose varied conservation projects for individual artworks.

I also support AKASHINGA for their outstanding  project to protect and  improve wildlife, habitats and bordering communities in ZIMBABWE