Rhino Revolution

If you haven't heard of the artist Gordon Pembridge–he

needs to be on your radar. Now.

Born in Kenya, Pembridge now lives in picturesque New Zealand and he's always had a deep

connection with nature and his surroundings. As a fine artist and sculptor, he draws inspiration

from the beauty of the earth around him.

A series of his work that has been garnering worldwide attention is his beautiful, intricate, and

breath-taking wooden vessels that he carves and paints by hand.

Pembridge's artwork incorporates wildlife, natural

history, and nature itself.

His sculpting technique is quite fascinating and consists of a method using a woodturning lathe

to shape the timber that he's using. Once the shape has been formed, this is when Pembridge

gets down to the details.

Meticulously and beautifully, he hand-carves the wood into mind-blowing motifs which he then

hand-paints to display animals, plants, trees, and anything else that inspires him from his homes

of Kenya and New Zealand.

Pembridge uses artists colors and incredible detail to

create his stunning work.

Fine art wildlife painting.

This fine art painting, oil on linen, entitled The Lucky Five tells a story of five orphaned rhino

rescued from poached parents successfully reintroduced back into the wild. A percentage of the

sale of limited edition prints is to go to help in keeping these rhino safe and to help other rhino