The Artist

"To educate and show the beauty of natural history and environments through fine art. To help conserve threatened wildlife by showcasing its beauty with the hope of creating a love for it through my art work.   "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Gordon Pembridge was born in Kenya and spent his first ten years there. As a young boy being lucky enough
to experience the wilds of Africa, along with many an adventure in the bush, Gordon has developed a passion
for natural history. To this day Gordon still feels the incredible longing for the bush in Africa and travels
there as often as he can for new adventures, inspiration and the important work of conservation.
Gordon started wood carved art in 2004. He has developed a series of thin turned pieces with a pierced,
bas-relief carved and fine art painted subject matter.
Currently Gordon is working on furthering his series of fine wild life art vessels and fine art paintings. He obtains
inspiration from two beautiful places in the world, New Zealand where he lives and Africa for his works
of art. Through many years of dedication to his art Gordon was invited to apply to the Society Of Animal
Artists and is now an associate member, a most prestigious honour.

Recent Artwork