New works are under way in the Artist on Safari series

It has not been as hot as it can be here in the south part of the USA.  I have been in the comfortable studio working on an new series of art.  I am calling it Artist on Safari.  It will include many pieces native to Africa that I have never painted before such as Wildebeests and Cape Buffalo.   One piece is nearly finished a 3' x 4' of a cape buffalo.  Also have a large one of two lions chasing eachother.  July I was able to participate in a show in Fort Smith, Arkansas, called Art on the Border.  Enjoyed meeting old friends and making new ones there.  

In November 17th, from 1-4 pm, I will be at Michael's Mansion in Fort Smith, Arkansas, for their monthly 3rd Sunday Art Show.  I plan to debut some of the new pieces there.

Things slow down here just a a bit when the heat index rises, so I have enjoyed the time to be painting.  I have also been taking in videos of African Wildlife to familiarize myself to the species there.  I am fascinated by the size and abilities many of them have.