The Artist

"I paint what I love, it is that simple.  My greatest love is animals, especially wild ones.  I work with acrylics and oil paint in high detail realism to share the beauty I see.   As I approach a new painting I think of what I want to express in the subject.  Then I start by putting down a raw umber wash working in the lights, darks, and dimensions.  Varnish coats are worked in between the layers of paint during the early stage of the painting.  The finishing touches are done with dry brush technique.  Careful time is spent studying any new species I paint.  You have to know the animals anatomy, and how they behave.  For instance, a Dove is not even close in characteristic to a Cape Buffalo so I would think different as I painted them.
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

It is refreshing to be painting animals I have never painted before.  For that reason I have branched out my subject matter to include wildlife from Africa.  As I have researched African species I am in awe at how large and powerful they are, especially Cape buffaloes.

Covid pandemic has changed our lives like never before.  I had abandoned painting horses many years ago, but since the pandemic I find the familiar subject brings relaxation.  During covid I did a horse running from a storm.  The storm will overtake the horse, but the outcome is uncertain for the animal.  It parallels my life diring covid.

~Pat Riggs

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