"So many people are disconnected from nature. Kids rarely can go out their door and play in the bush like my kids did when they were growing up in the 80s and 90s.  Parental fear and, often time, physical distance to nature play a pivotal role in the disconnection children/grandchildren have been experiencing.   Part of connecting to the natural world our family has composted for over 3 decades (the city just joined in on the action last year).  We walk and ride our bikes around our city to minimize the use of fossil fuels. We continue to challenge ourselves to lessen our impact on the world as much as possible.  "

I wanted to join Artists for Conservation to share my experience of the natural world but it is more than that.  I feel that I need to do my small part in helping to connect people to nature.  Maybe my art work of local Yellowknife birds may bring awareness to people of the diversity of birds beyond ravens and ptarmigans that inhabit Yellowknife.  There is another reason I would like to join this organization, to find other artists with the same concerns and interests.    As a long-term resident of Canada’s arctic and subarctic north, where scientist are predicting that climate change is having a disproportionate impact, I hope to bring awareness…however small.

2019        Ecology North


Conservation Projects & Causes

ECOLOGY NORTH - climate change, environmental education, water, waste reduction and local food production

One of my main concerns is how fragile the far norths ecology is and I choose to support the Yellowknife based Ecology North because I think that if we each acted locally then the planet will actually be very well cared for. I find the projects that Ecology North do are beneficial to all of Yellowknife and to the Northwest Territories