Since 2012 Yellowknife watercolour and acrylic artist Shawna Lampi-Legaree has been capturing moments of beauty from the world around her.

Her exploration of ephemeral flowers in watercolour has been a glorious journey of seeking out and capturing the delicate and luminous quality of the blossom.  Simply put, she has been “painting summer sunshine all winter long”. Her technique includes multi-layer washes which build to a crescendo on the paintings that capture the drama of sunlight and the depth of shadows. 

Shawna’s acrylic painting has expanded to include the wealth of the feathered friends that all northerners love.  She has enjoyed the wonderful winter antics of trickster ravens, playful ptarmigan and mischievous LBT’s (little brown things).  As the spring migration began in 2019 Shawna has been out capturing the beauty of our transient flyers who will be staying or heading further north to nest. 

Shawna teaches local beginner drawing and painting classes. Her paintings have been juried into a number of shows including: Richeson75 (still life and floral),  Federation of Canadian Artists, and International Watercolour Society of Canada.