Red-tailed Release

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Red-tailed Release

18.00" H x 24.00" W
Year Completed:
Release of a Red-Tailed Hawk
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The Red-tailed Hawk tried, in a very severe week of winter weather, to catch a bird at our feeder. He miscalculated and hit the balcony. I carefully picked him up and put him in a large dog cage and then into our heated shop. We reached the resue centre..Salthaven..but it was two days before we could get him there as many roads in the country were closed. He was more stunned then anything but took 8 weeks to mend. The rehabilitation place brought him back to our place to be released. He would not leave the box. Finally Kenzie reached in and brought him out. He fluttered a bit then sat and stared at his caregiver of the last 8 weeks. I had my camera ready to takes photos of his flight but this moment was what I eventually painted.

This painting won the Mayor's Purchase Award at Paint Ontario and is part of their permanent collection.

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