Like most artists, McManiman has had a keen interest in drawing and the outdoors, since childhood. Candy grew up in the Meaford area on Georgian Bay and after teaching there and in the Algonquin Park Region, she returned to school. After graduating from the Design Arts Program (honours) at Georgian College in Barrie, she worked as a Interior Designer in Toronto for three to four years. She then returned to teaching at Moosonee/Moose Factory On. Her early paintings depicted the flora and fauna of the James Bay Lowlands. Her keenness on birds was encouraged by her husband, Paul Prevett, a biologist, and avid bird watcher since childhood. Candy now lives in the luxurious Carolinian Canada zone and has not lost the fascination for unique areas of our planet.

Retired from teaching art, she and Paul had the opportunity to visit some of these other unique areas for 20 years. With her saturated external drives, she has terrific reference photos and the memories to paint anything from penguins to endemic Kagus.

Although an avid naturalist, her art often reflects other interest. Social issues and other cultural beliefs have also been the foundation of her images culminating in a catalogued solo show at the  St.Thomas-Elgin Public Art Centre, St. Thomas, On.

Throughout her artistic career there have been numerous group and solo shows in London, Sarnia, St.Thomas, Port Stanley, Meaford, Newmarket, Vancouver, and Toronto. Many of her paintings, designs and photos have won numerous awards and are in many corporate and private collections. Her bird illustrations have been published in the Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Ontario and Birds of Elgin County. An article on using the computer as part of the art process was published in Wildscape Vol.12 No 1. One of her Donor Board Designs for the St. Thomas-Elgin General Hospital was runner-up in a National Competition.
Some of her photos can be found on Bird Forum, and members Gallery.

Candy has also entered a portfolio of work and is now a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.



Commission accepted in paintings, murals, graphic design or photography.

Special Achievements: 

Candy has won numerous Honourable Mentions in local guild shows and recently won an HM in the FCA juried show ..Small Smaller Smallest.