The town of Aylmer has hosted the fall fair since 1846. A few years they did not have one but to celebrate the 175 years they have held it, I was commisioned to come up with a mural concept to cover the history of the fair. Knowing how long paint may last on a previously painted wall with no over hang and facing south, we finally settled on an plan to paint the murals 4' x 4'so that the panels might hang in their new planned offices and these panels would be photographed and printed on metal. They were then  installed on the exterior wall 8' x 8'with  border and canopy painted around them. If any fading or damage occured the part could be replaced from the original digital files.

I broke the history up into 5 sections. One to illustrate the magnificent Crystal Palace that had been torn down in 1965 after a fire and one to cover the main aspect of the fair..........LIVESTOCK,.... another to cover the MIDWAY, CONTEST and PRODUCE Judging, the MIDWAY and the GRANDSTAND.  Many hours were spent searching the archives of Elgin county Heritage Cente and finaly coming up with designs that worked for the fair committee and captured the essence of the fair over the past few centuries