Golden Pheasant and Gold….accepted… Federation of Canadian Artists

FAC....Federation of Canadian Artist ......2024 Animal Exhibition

The painting of the Golden Pheasant was accepted into the 2024 exhibition beginning January 30 - February 18, 2024 This is an in-gallery show.

I was enamored with this pheasant that appears so showy but in Sichuan we heard it much better than we saw it. Luckily I also found them in Blondel conservatory in Vancouver when attending the AFC juried show.  And to top it all off I actually found a mount for sale at an online auction.  Needless to say the mount now resides on my tall book shelf.  


The town of Aylmer has hosted the fall fair since 1846. A few years they did not have one but to celebrate the 175 years they have held it, I was commisioned to come up with a mural concept to cover the history of the fair. Knowing how long paint may last on a previously painted wall with no over hang and facing south, we finally settled on an plan to paint the murals 4' x 4'so that the panels might hang in their new planned offices and these panels would be photographed and printed on metal. They were then  installed on the exterior wall 8' x 8'with  border and canopy painted around them.

ARC Art Renewl Centre...Leading the revival of realism in the visual arts

This image was enteredin the 16th Juried Salon show of ARC. Made it through to the semifinals and can be found on their web page    Very encouraging to see that Wildlife is one of their categories. Looking forward to the 17th salon.

FederationOf Canadian Artists juried show....ANIMALIS

This painting in oils,  14" X 11"  was accepted into the FCA Exhibition that starts on May 12. Because of restrictions on  gallery openings, this will  be an onlline show.  Link to show

Focusing on Wildlife photo competition for Dec. 1st Place

The photo of the Sunbittern was captured from a boat on the river as we returned to Cristolano Lodge in Brazil. It was late afternoon and the sunlight still reflected off it wings as it flew to the shadow side of the river. In a few seconds it was only a dark bird landing on the far shore. I loved the reflection in this shot.

FCA magazine Art Avenue Jan/Feb2019

The King Penguins are featured on page 6 of this issue of the Federation of Canadian Artists avenue...

Articles Page Introduction: 

Federation Of Canadian Artist

This summer I was accepted a a member of this Federation. They have numerous juried member shows and open ones. I have had my work accepted in The Small, Smaller, Smallest show where it won an Honourable Mention and one painting accepted into their Ten Squared Exhibition and Fundraiser. Another piece called "DC-3 Over Duck Pond" was accepted into the juried International online show called, Limitless.

The painting  East Meets West ( cowboy boots) was also juried into the January 2018 show for Active members

Another piece accepted into the FCA show...Federation of Canadian Artists, Canada's largest national arts service organization for visual artists

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