Uta remembers feeding Blaumeisen (Blue Tits) at her home in East Germany when she was barely tall enough to look over the windowsill. Thus began her fascination with and love of birds and it has never diminished. Nature and birds have been the centre of her passion throughout her life.

A year after completing her B.A. in Textile Technology she fled her native East Germany and after another year was able to emigrate to Canada. Here she settled into her second career as a Biological Technologist at the University of Saskatchewan, and began part time art studies.

Three years later her career took another turn when she filled a technologist position at the Ontario Research Foundation in Toronto. Relocation of the Foundation brought her to Guelph as instructor in Invertebrate Zoology and Parasitology at the University of Guelph, Ontario.

Her artistic talents also were put to test by making hundreds of scientific and technical drawings of worms, bugs and a vast number of parasite hosts for international publications and books. But these precise line drawings were really too structured to satisfy her artistic needs.

After 25 years as a very successful teacher, researcher, technologist and biological illustrator she sought a more artistically challenging career in Design. Winning scholarships to the International Academy of Design, Toronto, she completed the three year program in under two years at the top of the graduating class and winning several honors along the way. Today computers give her another avenue of artistic expression— computer graphics and multi-media applications. She has team-created biological teaching modules for universities in Canada and the United States.
Her creativity, biological expertise and teaching background have garnered top honours in teaching module competitions and are featured in multi-media educational journals.

Since 1981, when she discovered bird carving as an emerging art form, her favourite time is spent in her studio in Eden Mills, Ontario. Here she transforms a block of wood into a biologically correct, artistically conceived sculpture. Her pieces have won first place and best of show at most competitions she has entered including the prestigious World Championship Woodcarving Competition in Ocean City, Maryland.

Her birds reside in the homes and boardrooms of collectors and admirers in Canada, the United States, England, France and Germany. She has been teaching carving and sculpture design classes to carving clubs and other groups primarily in Ontario. She has also judged in many major carving competitions.
She has given talks in Galleries, Universities and Championship Competition Shows. She has been teaching Bird Carving courses at Haliburton School of the Arts, ON

Resides: Eden Mills, Ontario with her husband Dr. Ed Bailey

Post Secondary Education: Textile Technology, Biological Technology, Design and Fine Arts

Exhibitions: Private shows and various galleries in Ontario, Florida and Vermont.
Member of the Wellington Artists' Gallery and Art Centre, 6142 Wellington Rd. 29, Fergus, Ontario.
Member of Robert Paul Galleries, Stowe, Vermont
New Member of the Art Gallery Guelph, ON

Commissions: Accepted