Becci Crowe Unites with Jane Goodall for Jane's Prayer

In honor of Dr. Jane Goodall’s 85th birthday,  AFC Signature member Becci Crowe created ‘Jane’s Prayer’ to join Jane in Chicago for a special event raising awareness and funds to benefit the work of the Jane Goodall Institute.  Founded in 1977, Jane Goodall created her namesake organization to expand chimpanzee research and protection, and promote global environmental education and conservation.  Becci was elected to the Board of Directors of the Jane Goodall Institute to join in this global mission.

 ‘Jane’s Prayer’ , Becci’s original pen & ink pointillism portrait for this gala event, symbolizes Jane’s lifetime of work which originated in Tanzania and spread throughout the planet. Dr. Goodall added her special touch to ‘Jane’s Prayer’ by personally signing it. In addition, embedded above Jane’s signature as part of the portrait is the following quote from Jane representing her heartfelt prayer for all:

I Pray,  Above All,  for Peace throughout the World

Onstage with Jane for the live auction, Becci’s portrait raised $15,000.  100% was donated to the Jane Goodall Institute. Coinciding with the symbolism in ‘Jane's Prayer’ which reflects her global impact, is Jane Goodall's nomination this year for the Nobel Peace Prize.

 "I met Dr. Goodall 10 years ago. My work as an artist and conservationist aligned with Dr. Goodall's vision as I spent time with her in the field in the Republic of Congo and her home in Tanzania where I subsequently retraced Jane's historical steps up the steep mountainsides of Gombe.  It's an honor to serve alongside Dr. Goodall and her staff and gratifying as an artist to use my creativity for the advancement of conservation that benefits people, wildlife and the planet."

Becci is a Member of the Board of Directors of the Jane Goodall Institute, a Signature Member of Artists for Conservation, and a TED Speaker.