"My work is a reflection of my fascination with nature and all things wild. As an Artist active in conservation it's as important for me to be in the field as it is in my studio."


After 17 successful years as a Master's prepared Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist working in a fast paced intensive care environment, Becci turned her energies to focus on the escalating conservation challenges she observed impacting people and wildlife.

"The more I witness over the years, the more I realize our future as human beings is tied to the fate of all life on earth."

Traveling across 6 continents, including 17 trips to the African continent, and over 47 countries Becci began networking with conservation experts from around the world and participating in fieldwork. Now a professional Artist, Becci's explorations provide a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for her work and her intimate images represent the close encounters she has with her subjects. 

Becci creates in Watercolor, Graphite, and Pen & Ink. Favoring a technique known as Pen & Ink Pointillism, her Originals involve creating an image on paper literally one dot at a time. Each piece requires thousands of points placed in rapid succession and take weeks to complete. "I'm often asked how I can sit for hours tap - tapping, but it's that process that attracts me. The repetitive placing of dots, one after another, creates a rhythm and as I watch an image emerge and evolve it seems to take on a life of its own."  Becci participates in national and international gallery exhibits and juried shows. Her work hangs in private and corporate collections including Dr. Jane Goodall and the Jane Goodall Institute and raises thousands of dollars a year for conservation.

Becci is a member of the Board of Directors of the Jane Goodall Institute, a Signature Member of Artists for Conservation, A TEDx speaker, and helped film and produce the television documentary "As Close As You Dare Africa " based on her explorations in Namibia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe.

In addition to her travels, art exhibitions and demonstrations, Becci is a keynote speaker presenting programs featuring her art, photos, video, and stories captured on location to audiences of all ages, raising awareness and sharing the wonders of the planet.


Support for Conservation: 

The Jane Goodall Institute

Wildlife Conservation Network

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Wolf Haven International

Painted Dog Research Trust



Special Achievements: 


Elected to the Board of Directors of the Jane Goodall Institute 2017

Artists for Conservation Artist of the Month May 2015

TED Speaker on "The Art of Living an Unimaginable Life"  2014

Featured in the Television Documentary "As Close As You Dare - Africa" broadcast on PBS across the US 2008

Interviewed by National Geographic Adventure Magazine on her journey to the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda 2003