"Craig has a quote in his work shop by writer Wendell Berry " Whether we & our politicians know it or not, Nature is party to all our deals & decisions, & she has more votes, a longer memory, & a sterner sense of justice than we do . "  I have little hope our species will avoid extinction but will do all in my power to avoid taking other species with us!  "

Craig has supported & donated to numerous causes & organizations in his 37 + year career . My focus in recent years has been to support a wide variety of organizations . We need systemic changes & personal changes . I donate to  INDSPIRE , Habitat Aquisition Trust , TLC Raincoast Conservation Foundation , Dogwood , Canadian Council for Policy Alternatives, Victoria Women's Sexual Assault Centre , AFC ,CARFAC & our local Arts organization. Conservation will require a diverse effort from all humans . The above groups contain dedicated humans of all ages & backgrounds that can continue their good work long after I am gone .