The Artist

"I never made a conscious decision to be an animal artist, but every time I sat down to start a new painting I was always drawn to portray animals – I think they chose me, not the over way around. My journey through painting is a constant learning process, adding to and building my knowledge by exploring new techniques. I try to raise the bar on each new painting but want the focus to be on the character of the animal rather than just anatomical details. One of the strengths of wildlife art is its ability to tell a wide variety of stories. In my paintings I try to bring out the individuality of each animal by capturing it’s essence as it goes about its everyday life. I portray many endangered species, hoping that bringing these animals to life in my art
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

My journey as a Wildlife Artist is one of constant learning.  No matter where I travel to I am looking for opportunities - what wildlife can be encountered in the area, what birds might be migrating overhead that I could see, what sanctuaries and wildlife preserves are located there.  Choosing subjects, learning about their struggles as a species, developing ideas for how best to paint them are ongoing for every painting - bringing that image out in paint is an absolute joy and so rewarding.

Recent Artwork