The Artist

"Earth, water and atmosphere inform my artistic practise. What I experience in the outdoors is translated into paintings which illuminate these landscapes and seascapes; oil paintings created to share the beauty as well as the juxtaposition of calm and chaos that defines our natural world. Colour, composition and light are integral to the development of my work, giving it a multi-dimensional, illuminated quality. I find mankind's quest for progress in conflict with the preservation of our rural spaces, and our wild places. My paintings are meant to make an enduring statement to current and future generations.... that our natural world deserves our attention, reverence and respect. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Rosemarie is a painter of landscapes and seascapes working primarily in oils. Her skilled and purposeful technique results in a multi-dimensional, illuminated quality of atmosphere, earth and water.  Her creative process begins in nature; plein air studies, sketches, photographs and memories provide the foundation for studio work. Each painting conveys her passionate connection to our natural environment. Rosemarie has been painting for four decades.


Rosemarie's paintings reflect her artistic soul and her professional calibre. She believes that through artists, people can envision the best of our world and the human spirit. If there is no beauty in the world, we are as a society, lost. Creativity in all its forms, can draw attention to world issues; climate, environment, change inflicted by progress. Artists can help the public to engage with issues of environmental destruction and degradation through their artistic images and conversation.


You will notice an abundance of atmospheric, often turbulent images in Rosemarie’s later works. She explores the illumination which follows darkness, or the darkness that precedes light. This epochal shift in her work is a commentary on the state of our environment. We are insignificant within the context of nature’s power.

Recent Artwork