"I am not directly involved in any specific conservation projects at the moment.  I do donate to ongoing efforts of various groups and private ventures. I believe that as we are part of the world, we need to protect other inhabitants.  Especially from over fishing that captures many endangered species as by catch. I also support Anti-Poaching efforts.  Poaching is wiping out species at horrendous rates, and needs to be stopped by putting programs in place to help the populations see the value the wildlife has to their economies and lives.  There is also protection needed for vulnerable habitats that may contain plants for our health, and the health of the atmosphere and planet as a whole. I also support the efforts to clean up pollution that is wrecking our

My passion of the moment is preventing and stopping the mass wipeout of Rhino's and Elephants as well as pangolins.  These are primarily headed to asian markets for traditional medicine and status symbols for the emerging middle classes there.  Education is the biggest thing to help here I think, and getting famous Asian actors, involved can help our cause in these areas.