The Artist

"In today's busy world, it helps to stop and smell the roses.  Gives a person a chance to recharge their batteries.  The best medicine for this is a walk in Nature, as found in several studies.  I hope that my work of painting landscapes and Wildlife helps with this; and gets people to notice the world around them.  If people are engaged with the world, they help protect the other inhabitants. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

My family has always been one to get out and explore the surrounding areas.  Reference books were a must for looking up anything we had questions about. This led to my always wondering about the world around me.  There is nothing that the world hold that does not interest me, be it paleontology, archeology, but most especially Natural history.  This has led me to visit Africa, National Parks in Canada, and to explore my area where my Husband and I grain farm.  All fodder for my paintings.

Recent Artwork