Environmental Dates

Amazon Rainforest Day September 05
American Eagle Day (USA) June 20
Arbor Day April 26
Bat Appreciation Day April 17
Butterfly & Hummingbird Day October 03
Buzzards Day March 15
Car Free Day September 22
Christmas December 25
Clean Air Day (Canada) June 04
Coral Triangle Day June 09
Earth Day April 22
Elephant Appreciation Day September 22
Endangered Species Day May 17
European Day of Parks May 24
Freshwater Dolphin Day October 24
Global Recycling Day March 18
Greenery Day (Japan) May 04
Groundhog Day February 02
Halloween October 31
International Bear Day April 06
International Beaver Day April 07
International Clouded Leopard Day August 04
International Crow and Raven Appreciation Day April 27
International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict November 06
International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer September 16
International Day Of Action for Rivers March 14
International Day of Climate Action October 24
International Day of Forests March 21
International Gibbon Day October 24
International Hyena Day April 27
International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day May 15
International Leopard Day May 03
International Mountain Day December 11
International Orangutan Day August 19
International Polar Bear Day February 27
International Red Panda Day September 21
International Sloth Day October 20
International Snow Leopard Day October 23
International Tiger Day July 29
International Vulture Awareness Day September 07
International Whale Shark Day August 30
International Wolf Day August 13
International Wombat Day October 22
International Zebra Day January 31
Manatee Appreciation Day March 27
Monkey Day December 14
Mosquito Day August 20
National Biodiesel Day March 18
National Bird Day January 05
National Cougar Day June 12
National Dolphin Day April 14
National Honey Bee Day (USA) August 15
National Hummingbird Day September 07
National Panda Day March 16
National Reptile Awareness Day October 21
National Whale Day (Australia) July 14
Penguin Awareness Day January 20
Pink Flamingo Day June 23
Save the Elephant Day April 16
Save the Frogs Day April 28
Save the Koala Day September 26
Save the Rhino Day May 01
Shark Awareness Day July 14
Squirrel Appreciation Day January 21
UN World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought June 17
UN World Environment Day June 05
UN World Population Day July 11
Whooping Crane Day May 28
Wild Koala Day May 03
World African Wild Dog Day August 26
World Animal Day October 04
World Bee Day May 20
World Biodiversity Day May 22
World Bonobo Day February 14
World Camel Day June 22
World Cassowary Day September 26
World Cheetah Day December 04
World Chimpanzee Day July 14
World Croc Day June 17
World Elephant Day August 12
World Environmental Health Day September 26
World Fish Migration Day April 21
World Frog Day March 20
World Giraffe Day June 21
World Gorilla Day September 24
World Habitat Day October 07
World Hippopotamus Day February 15
World Lion Day August 10
World Lizard Day August 14
World Migratory Bird Day January 13
World Nature Conservation Day July 28
World Oceans Day June 08
World Okapi Day October 18
World Orca Day July 14
World Ostrich Day February 02
World Otter Day May 29
World Pangolin Day February 17
World Parrot Day May 31
World Penguin Day April 25
World Primate Day September 01
World Rainforest Day June 22
World Rhino Day September 22
World Sea Turtle Day June 16
World Shorebirds Day September 06
World Snake Day July 16
World Soil Day December 05
World Sparrow Day March 20
World Tapir Day April 27
World Tuna Day May 02
World Turtle Day May 23
World Water Day March 22
World Wetlands Day February 02
World Whale Day February 18
World Wildife Conservation Day December 04
World Wildlife Day March 03
Zero Emissions Day September 21
Zero Emissions Day September 21
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