World Giraffe Day

World Giraffe Day celebrates the longest-necked animal in the world on June 21 - the longest day or night of the year. Much of giraffe's traditional range is suffering from habitat loss and is now being used for agriculture. Traditionally, only one species of giraffe was recognized, with 9 subspecies, but recent work in genetic studies of mitochondrial DNA has led to the recognition of eight distinct species:  Kordofan, Nubian, Rothschild's, West African, reticulated, Angolan, South African, Masai, and Thornicroft's.

Celebrate the day by enjoying the following collection of artwork by AFC members. Many are for sale with a portion of proceeds pledged to conservation.

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'Ithemba' Zulu for hope | Wallhanging by Paula Wiegmink | Artists for Conservation
Artist: Paula Wiegmink
African Skulls | Wallhanging by Doug Hiser | Artists for Conservation
Artist: Doug Hiser
Neck and Neck | Wallhanging by Anni Crouter | Artists for Conservation
Artist: Anni Crouter
Ungainly Grace   | Sculpture by Douglas Aja | Artists for Conservation
Artist: Douglas Aja
Ladder of Spots | Wallhanging by Chris McClelland | Artists for Conservation
Artist: Chris David McClelland
Junior Salad Bar | Wallhanging by Theresa Eichler | Artists for Conservation
Artist: Theresa Eichler
Rothschild Rendezvous at Soysambu  | Wallhanging by Theresa Eichler | Artists for Conservation
Artist: Theresa Eichler
Free Spirit | Sculpture by Karryl Salit | Artists for Conservation
Artist: Karryl Salit
Cheeky Gina | Wallhanging by Patricia Griffin | Artists for Conservation
Artist: Patricia A Griffin
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