Conservation Projects

This section highlights conservation initiatives that are being undertaken directly by AFC members.

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Banovich Wildscapes Foundation proudly The Mara Predator Conservation Programme -  | John Banovich

Banovich Wildscapes Foundation Supports The Mara Predator Conservation Programme

Artist: John Banovich

Posted: 3 May, 2022 | Updated: 24 Nov, 2022

Mara Predator Conservation ProgrammeKenya, Supported by Wildscapes since 2013 The global cheetah population is rapidly dwindling and with less than 10,000 individuals left in the wild, cheetahs are vulnerable to extinction. At present, the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem is one of the two remaining strongholds for the global cheetah population. Whilst in the Serengeti there has been long-term cheetah...
<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Profits for the Oceanic Preservation Society -  | Ashley Habernal

Profits for the Oceanic Preservation Society

Artist: Ashley Ann Habernal

Posted: 18 Oct, 2022 | Updated: 24 Nov, 2022

I am currently a partner artist with the Oceanic Preservation Society. 20% of profits from select sales will benefit OPS.  From OPS website: OPS is often approached by artists around the world seeking to contribute to both OPS’ mission and public awareness about issues such as wildlife conservation, climate change, and protecting oceans and marine life. In response, we are launched our ‘OPS...
<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> The Pangolin Project - The Ambassador Program | Casey Banwell

The Pangolin Project

Artist: Casey Banwell

Posted: 30 Oct, 2022 | Updated: 30 Oct, 2022

Pangolin are shy and gentle mammals. All eight species of Pangolin now face an existential crisis due to the dramatic rise in poaching. Driven by the insatiable demand for their scales and meat in South East Asia, Pangolin are now the most illegally trafficked mammal in the world. Between 2010 and 2021, Pangolin scales and carcasses from over 800,000 individuals were intercepted by law...
<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Sketch for Survival - Explorers Against Extinction | Kelly Dodge

Sketch for Survival

Artist: Kelly Dodge

Posted: 7 Oct, 2022 | Updated: 7 Oct, 2022

What is Sketch for Survival?   For the first time Sketch for Survival has a dedicated Collection for the USA & Canada. It will be displayed at a private viewing at The Explorers Club in New York on Thursday 6th October before being sold in an online auction on Friday 7th October.  Canadian Artist Kelly Dodge is one of 34 North American artists invited to participate in the dedicated...
<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Save Our Raptors - Tasmanian Raptor Refuge | Patricia Martin

Save Our Raptors

Artist: Patricia Martin

Posted: 16 Sep, 2022 | Updated: 20 Sep, 2022

The Raptor Refuge Inc. (  is a not-for-profit organisation that reflects our dedication to caring and protecting Tasmania’s natural wildlife.
<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Tasmanian Raptor Refuge Inc - Raptor Refuge | Patricia Martin

Tasmanian Raptor Refuge Inc

Artist: Patricia Martin

Posted: 16 Sep, 2022 | Updated: 16 Sep, 2022

In addition to the Tasmanian-focused wildlife conservation organisations that i support, i am a Member of the Raptor Rescue Group in southern Tasmania.
Create Conservation Project/Cause -  | John Guiseppi

The World Lemur Conservation Foundation - Exhibition

Artist: John Guiseppi

Posted: 12 Sep, 2022 | Updated: 12 Sep, 2022

World Lemur Festival 2022
Create Conservation Project/Cause - FUDEBIOL | Juan Solís

Foundation for the Development of Las Quebradas Biological Center (FUDEBIOL)

Artist: Juanjo Solís

Posted: 5 Sep, 2022 | Updated: 5 Sep, 2022

A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of my art work will be donated to Las Quebradas Biological Center in order to support them in their following objectives: • Protection of natural resources through the creation of the Las Quebradas Biological Center. • Promote environmental education • Investigation of the natural and cultural heritage of the basin. • Promote and encourage sustainable...
Create Conservation Project/Cause - Guidelines & Regulations for hunters Wildlife Department of KPK Province Pakistan | Kamran Qureshi

Small game Field Guide

Artist: Kamran Qureshi

Posted: 28 Jul, 2022 | Updated: 28 Jul, 2022

Enhance awareness of the need to conserve wildlife and nature among the hunters community
<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Orca Network - Protecting whales in the Pacific Northwest  | Holly Cannon

Center for whale research

Artist: Holly Cannon

Posted: 15 Jul, 2022 | Updated: 15 Jul, 2022

For three decades, the Center for Whale Research (CWR) has been advocating the relatively tame issue of salmon recovery based on science and rational management of fisheries in the Pacific Northwest. We have been championing with facts the impacts of dwindling fish stocks on the Southern Resident killer whales [SRKW orcas] and Salish Sea fishers. Since 1976 the Center for Whale Research (CWR) has...
Create Conservation Project/Cause -  | benaissa youcef-art

Barbary sheep in Algeria Endangered

Artist: benaissa youssouf

Posted: 9 Jul, 2022 | Updated: 9 Jul, 2022

defend of the animal through art and by participating in international animal art Using animal skin for commercial purposes is human error Participation in international exhibitions gives the artist an international stage so that the message of North Africa reaches the countries of France, Canada and England because they are educated people who love animals and us. have to fight against random...
<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> ABUN - Artists and Biologists Unite for Nature | Kitty Harvill


Artist: Kitty Harvill

Posted: 1 Jul, 2017 | Updated: 10 Jun, 2022

Read more about the previous work of the 52 WEEKS - NPC here : The 52 WEEKS - Nature Painting Challenge was begun in January of 2014, and my idea was simple : To challenge myself and like minded artists to paint from a Nature photo presented each Monday and to complete it within a week’s time. I had challenged myself to daily painting in 2009 and reaped the rewards of such a strict discipline,...
<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Soysambu Boma - Bomas for Lions | Linda Powell

Soysambu Boma

Artist: Linda Powell

Posted: 7 Jun, 2022 | Updated: 7 Jun, 2022

Soysambu Conservancy is a cattle ranch and wildlife conservancy.  For many years, they have been constructing 'bomas' -- portable corrals that protect cattle at night and allow introduction of apex predators like lions. This reduces the impact of wildlife-human interactions on both parties and contributes to a healthy environment that includes wild and domestic animals.  This year, I am focusing...
Create Conservation Project/Cause -  | Sandra Place


Artist: Sandra Place

Posted: 24 May, 2022 | Updated: 24 May, 2022

The WILD SALMON CENTER is an organization based in Portland, Oregon, USA, that works to protect wild salmon and their habitats in countries around the Pacific Rim. They establish agreements with governments to set aside Stronghold areas, rivers and ecosystems, which are protected from development so that wild salmon, other wildlife, and ecosystems can survive and thrive.
Create Conservation Project/Cause -  | John Banovich

Wildscapes Foundation-Chem Chem Lion Project

Artist: John Banovich

Posted: 3 May, 2022 | Updated: 3 May, 2022

The Banovich Wildscapes Foundation is proud to join the Chem Chem Association for the Chem Chem Lion Project to raise funds for the purchase of GPS collars enabling anti-poaching initiatives to track the movement of lions between the Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Parks.  We are also assisting with the funding of LIVE BOMAS, (massai huts surrounded by a chicken-wire fence...
<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Grape Girl  - Prints for Primate Conservation | Ashley Habernal

Grape Girl for Lwiro Primates

Artist: Ashley Ann Habernal

Posted: 2 May, 2022 | Updated: 2 May, 2022

Kyungu is an orphaned chimpanzee, and is just one of many chimps who have been rescued from poachers and who are being rehabilitated at the Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Centre in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Young chimps are often kept in order to be sold as pets after their parents are killed for bushmeat. The people at Lwiro say her favourite food is grapes and that she can eat and eat...
Create Conservation Project/Cause - Western Bénoué Ecosystem, Northern Cameroon | Kane Colston

Kordofan Giraffe conservation

Artist: Kane Colston

Posted: 21 Apr, 2022 | Updated: 21 Apr, 2022

My work with BZS's Kordofan giraffe project forms the basis of my Master's thesis with the University of Bristol, UK. I aim to use a population modelling software called VORTEX to determine the probability of extinction of the Kordofan giraffe in Bénoué National Park. By inputting demographic parameters, the software models the population over the next 100 years many times and produces data on...
<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Buddies by Elissa Ewald -  | Elissa Ewald

Buddies by Elissa Ewald

Artist: Elissa Ewald

Posted: 11 Feb, 2020 | Updated: 3 Apr, 2022

Children's book to raise awareness of kindness to others with acceptance of others and where they may live or how they may live. No one wants to be alone and everyone needs at least one friend in life. This book is meant to promote companionship and trust.
<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Australia's bushfire emergency 2020 - Facebook art auction for the Koala Hospital - Port Macquarie  | Geraldine Simmons

Australia's bushfire emergency 2020

Artist: Geraldine Simmons

Posted: 15 Jan, 2020 | Updated: 10 Feb, 2022

Bushfire emergency ART AUCTION on Geraldine's Wildlife Art via Facebook for the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie, NSW. Original artwork in coloured pencil on paper titled Afternoon Snooze. The size of the artwork is 42cm x 34cm.  I am happy to announce the artwork sold, raising $400 AUD.
<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Grizzly Bears: Teachers of the Land - A traveling exhibit curated by the Bateman Foundation and the Grizzly Bear Foundation. | Mathias Horne

Grizzly Bears: Teachers of the Land

Artist: Mathias Horne

Posted: 31 Jan, 2022 | Updated: 31 Jan, 2022

A traveling exhibit curated by the Bateman Foundation and the Grizzly Bear Foundation. Grizzly Bears: Teachers of the Land is a partnership between the Bateman Foundation and the Grizzly Bear Foundation. This unique exhibition explores the lessons that we can learn from this majestic creature. Building a greater understanding of the Grizzly bear can strengthen our relationship with the land,...
<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> The Hidden Natural Wonders of the World - A campaign advocating for the establishment of High Seas Marine Protected Areas under the new United Nations BBNJ Treaty | Mathias Horne

The Hidden Natural Wonders of the World

Artist: Mathias Horne

Posted: 19 Jan, 2022 | Updated: 31 Jan, 2022

A campaign advocating for the establishment of High Seas Marine Protected Areas under the new United Nations BBNJ Treaty I am thrilled to announce a new partnership with the High Seas Alliance on a campaign to advocate for marine conservation on the High Seas. The High Seas Alliance is working diligently to secure an ambitious, effective, and enduring United Nations Treaty for Biodiversity Beyond...
<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> The Grizzly Bear Project - A collection of paintings funding grizzly conservation | Mathias Horne

The Grizzly Bear Project

Artist: Mathias Horne

Posted: 31 Jan, 2022 | Updated: 31 Jan, 2022

The grizzly bear is a keystone species; without them, the entire ecosystem suffers and biodiversity decreases. Their presence is so impactful even the landscape changes under their weight — rivers, vegetation, and forests are shaped by the grizzly bear. The natural world is not the only realm in which the grizzly bear wields influence. Since time immemorial the grizzly has acted as a teacher, a...
<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Riding for Rangas  - An on-going bi-ennual charity bike ride that raises funds and awareness for non-profit organisation Friends of the National Parks Foundation based in Indonesia | Geraldine Simmons

Riding for Rangas

Artist: Geraldine Simmons

Posted: 5 May, 2017 | Updated: 29 Jan, 2022

In 2005 when I visited Borneo, I saw firsthand the destruction caused by the planting of palm oil plantations that threaten local plant and animal species such as orangutans. Inspired and deeply moved by this trip, I used my love of push-bike riding to establish Riding for Rangas in 2009.  Riding for Rangas has raised thousands of dollars assisting Friends of the National Parks Foundation fight...
<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Friends of Algonquin - Algonquin Wildlife Research Station | Lynda Moffatt

Friends of Algonquin

Artist: Lynda Moffatt

Posted: 27 Jan, 2022 | Updated: 27 Jan, 2022

Algonquin Wildlife Research Station is creating world class science and training students in Algonquin Park to Inspire, Conserve and Educate
<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> What A Save! - Helping save the Monarch Butterfly | Wendy Quirt

What A Save!

Artist: Wendy Quirt

Posted: 18 Jan, 2022 | Updated: 18 Jan, 2022

During my hikes these last few years I was really starting to recognize the absence of the Monarch Butterfly. I remember seeing them everywhere as a child, but as an adult it was becoming more rare. Couple that with the reports in the news about their dwindling numbers and how they are so threatened I was really starting to worry. Could this be an animal that we lose in our lifetime? I enlisted...
<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Protecting America's Wild Horses - Supporting Conservation and Protection of America's Wild Horses | Sandra Byland

Protecting America's Wild Horses

Artist: Dr Sandra Byland

Posted: 5 Jan, 2022 | Updated: 11 Jan, 2022

The project is a body of artwork portraying the beauty and majesty of our wild horses to ignite a passion in others to give to the cause of saving them through the efforts of the Cloud Foundation.
Create Conservation Project/Cause - Grizzlies and Wolves in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem | Elizabeth Mordensky

Predator Protection

Artist: Elizabeth Mordensky

Posted: 10 Dec, 2021 | Updated: 10 Dec, 2021

Grizzlies and Wolves are vital top predators in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Both species used to be wide spread around the country and have been wiped to extinction in most areas. The space around Yellowstone National Park is a strong hold for these species, but increased development in these areas has limited wild habitat and increased negative animal-human encounters, and hunting...
<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Giving Tuesday Conservation Fundraiser - In support of organizations working in partnership in conservation efforts from Cootes Paradise to the Niagara Escarpment | Janet Jardine

Giving Tuesday Conservation Fundraiser

Artist: Janet Jardine

Posted: 24 Nov, 2021 | Updated: 1 Dec, 2021

Many of the places I paint feature nearby conservation lands that I love to visit, photograph, and paint. My aim is to bring attention to a few of these areas as well as some of the local organizations that own or manage these lands, and to donate a portion of the proceeds from any sales from the show towards their programs. Some of the paintings feature areas that benefit from or are connected...
<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Friends of Woodhaven Nature Conservancy Society  -  | Susan Neilson

Friends of Woodhaven Nature Conservancy Society

Artist: Susan Neilson

Posted: 21 Nov, 2019 | Updated: 27 Nov, 2021

MEMBER OF THE BOARD - Community Conservation Group  The conservation area near my art studio has four distinct ecosystems within a relatively small space almost completely surrounded by development, so there has been concern about its fragility and its importance. We have tiny Western Screech Owls, Pacific Skinks and other creatures raising families right by the fence lines. The forest floor has...
Create Conservation Project/Cause - Connecting creativity with conservation | Anne London

ARTS FOR ANIMALS wildlife Center

Artist: Anne London

Posted: 23 Nov, 2021 | Updated: 23 Nov, 2021

ARTS FOR ANIMALS programs include lesson plans for teachers for teaching art and conservation, scholarships for students interested in becoming artists or in conservation related fields, and workshops for students to develop their artistic skills.
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