Theresa Eichler

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for January, 2023

Theresa Eichler has always loved expressing her passion for nature through art. Her hope is that this passion can be communicated to others as a way to reaffirm the importance of this Earth to all people. 

“My fervent hope is that it is not too late, for me to achieve this, or for nature to flourish. Wildlife in nature has been my greatest passion since I've been able to remember. Our family’s love of nature shows, in particular, Walt Disney’s early films, imprinted values that have lasted a lifetime"

Born in Zambia, Theresa has only faint memories of her first safari but has since gone on three more safaris beginning in 2004 and including one with Simon Combes and another with John Banovich; each of these with a team of other artists. She has benefitted from workshops with artists who are members of AFC and are wildlife art icons, including: John Banovich, Simon Combes,  John and Suzie Seerey-Lester and Terry Isaac. 

All original artwork by Theresa will involve a donation of a percentage of the sale proceeds to specific conservation organizations related to the subject matter. Some will make a contribution of 100% of the sale price. Limited edition prints have also been donated to raise funds for conservation. The World Wildlife Fund is supported by monthly contributions, as well as proceeds from art. Other causes, include the Cheetah Conservation Fund, Soysambu Conservancy and other wildlife-oriented agencies.

From 2000 to 2006, as a Governor on the Board for the Real Estate Foundation of BC, Canada, contributions from real estate trust accounts helped provide university endowments for programs connected to conservation & sustainable land use. The Board also authorizes funds for works around the province that demonstrate conservation or sustainable and innovative land use practices.( Also as a planner she has included work on climate action to reduce greenhouse gas; identification and preservation of environmentally sensitive areas; policy for wildlife habitat protection and restoration; floodplain lands; water quality of rural beaches; and in every case; sustainable growth of urban areas; so as to create the least possible impact on the natural environment.


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