Taylor Ivester

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for February, 2023

Working in the field of art for wildlife has been the core of Taylor Ann's existence since a very young age. The two never left her side. "I always felt, and still do feel, I owe it to the creatures we all share this world with the respect they deserve. They deserve to be protected as much as a mother protects her child."

She seeks to create her work to help wildlife, the planet, and to educate individuals out there on that importance. As her career as an artist grows, she hopes to expand her work to help at a larger scale with more organizations as well as more donations. 

"My work is here to remind humanity as a collective of the great creatures that share this planet with us. The amount of wildlife in the world is vast and at many times, forgotten. We are all caught up in our busy lives on a daily basis. How often do we stop to appreciate the amount of life on Earth? We should make that time on a daily basis too.

Currently, I am partnered with two wildlife sanctuaries. Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary and I have been working together since 2013. 40% of the proceeds of any Safe Haven resident portraits I have done go to them to help give their rescues the best life possible. My current partnership with Safe Haven Wildlife Sanctuary is based on resident portraits. I've also been working with WildCat Ridge Sanctuary since 2015 with the same support in place. Over time, I hope to strengthen these relationships and expand to other sanctuaries as well as other protection organizations that focus on endangered species protection. 

I am currently focusing on conservation efforts for African Wildlife with a current collection of works. Through this, I am working on building a larger body of work with a larger message. The message includes not only information on each animal but ways we can help protect the precious life in Africa, as well as support the natives. This is a work in progress for a passion project."

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