AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for November, 2022

Rosetta is a passionate artist and conservationist who has donated her sculptures in support of various conservation organizations including the African Wildlife Foundation, the Cheetah Conservation Fund, Rare Species Conservation Foundation, Felidae Fund and the private wildlife preserve, Shambala, along with local animal rescue organizations, for the purpose of fundraising. Further, Rosetta often donates financially to many conservation and wildlife organizations under her married name, Jan Schockner.

The November 2015 issue of World Wildlife Fund ran a profile of Rosetta's support for that organization:"Jan Rosetta Schockner can’t recall exactly where or when her love for animals started, but she’s made them her life’s work. An accomplished artist who works under the name Rosetta, Jan specializes in bronze wildlife sculptures and has taken several trips to Africa to see the animals she loves in the wild. She supports several organizations, including WWF, and has further committed herself to conserving animals and their habitats by joining WWF’s Legacy Circle—a group of people who help protect the future of nature by including WWF in their estate plans.

"In 1984, I did my first animal sculpture, a seated cheetah. I started studying and learning about the various animals I was interested in, mostly big cats. And I realized that so many people had misinformed perceptions of these majestic animals. My sculptures allow me to change those perceptions and show lions, cheetahs, wolves, and other wildlife for the beautiful, powerful, sentient and innocent animals they are. As predators, they do what they need to do—to survive. I hope that my sculptures help in some way too. I make each sculpture in the hopes that it serves as an inspiration for others to cherish these creatures as I do."

Rosetta's sleek, hard-edged sculptures reflect her life-long love of creating in three dimensions, a passionate pursuit of excellence, inspiration from the concepts of power, nobility and beauty in nature, and the ability to capture the fluid life force of her animal subjects. She is an award winning member of a number of international juried groups including being fellow of the National Sculpture Society, and signature member of the Artists For Conservation Foundation, and the Society of Animal Artists.

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