Rosemarie Armstrong

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for February, 2022

Artist Rosemarie Armstrong believes it is critical to educate and build awareness of conservation issues in our youth. They are our hope for the future. Each of Rosemarie's paintings conveys her passionate connection to our natural environment, and reflects her artistic soul and professional calibre. She believes that through artists, people can envision the best of our world and the human spiritand that creativity in all its forms, can draw attention to world issues, especially climate change. 

Rosemarie has developed a unique approach to landscape and seascape painting. She combines field experiences and in-studio work to develop sketches and preliminary compositions which form the basis of larger projects on canvas. "Atmosphere, earth and water are the elements which inspire my artistic practice. My oil paintings depict the constant transformation of the natural world; the creative process begins in nature through plein air studies, sketches, and experiences which build the foundation for my studio work. I see how nature can inspire us with its profound beauty and, humble us with its power."  Her paintings often feature turbulent atmospheres and stormy seas. 

Rosemarie's art is making a statement about the crisis of climate change. Her artwork leads to conversations with viewers about the environment, profound changes to our weather, agriculture, and wildlife. Her paintings often feature turbulent atmospheres and stormy seas,  hoping these will have a lasting impact by effecting a change of minds and habits. "I have contributed my artwork to multiple causes, including Ducks Unlimited in support of their work for wetland conservation.Locally I have supported Credit Valley Conservation Authority and the preservation and enhancement of Island Lake Conservation Area.Beginning Januaary 2021 I will be dedicating 20% to AFC for each painting sold through this website."

Rosemarie believes the most magnificent thing about being a painter, is being one with nature and canvas at the same time. "Painting defines my life; it is a gift that permits me to respect and interpret the world I live in, especially when painting on location."  Our environment is in desperate need of attention. Conservation initiatives struggle against the magnitude of progress. 

Her work has been featured on a book cover published by a Professor at Turku University, Finland. In May 2017, Rosemarie received a Masters Award in Florence Italy, for excellence in the arts and contribution to cultural exchange.

As a Signature Member of AFC (Artists for Conservation), Rosemarie supports environmental and conservation initiatives. 

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