Rob Dreyer

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for December, 2019

Rob's wildlife work began as a second profession. Having spent his earlier working life as a lawyer and marketing professional, Rob found in his late forties that his very specialized law related and fairly lucrative job was eliminated by advances in our technical world. A lifelong naturalist, conservationist and artist by avocation, he made the commitment at that point to try to achieve later in life the "impractical," but logical, extension of his natural inclinations, and began the ongoing journey to become the very best, most accomplished wildlife artist he could possibly be. His objective was simple: to illuminate through his artwork, the extraordinarily ordered and beautiful world we live in. He considers his work to be nothing more than a simple depiction and celebration of the miraculous beauty that surround us every day.

Rob is now honored to work closely with the St. Louis Zoo every year in the creation of signature artwork around which the Zoo themes its annual fundraising efforts. The Saint Louis Zoo, in addition to being a world class zoological park, is a world leader, though its Wildcare Institute and Institute for Conservation Medicine, in saving endangered species and their habitats with 17 centers around the world, The Zoo depends on millions of dollars in annual gifts to support that worldwide mission.

In 2017 Rob founded The Conservancy Press to attempt to streamline the use of artwork to raise funds for smaller conservation organizations. The initial two pilot programs included a campaign for The Endangered Wolf Center to raise funds for Red Wolf Awareness and Recovery and a campaign to upgrade The Turner Shelter on the Katy Trail for The Conservation Federation of Missouri. The Conservancy Press is currently a free consultative service to assist conservation organizations in finding artists or artwork that can be used to create rewards or inspiration for giving and then lend expertise in creating 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional artwork into a reward for giving.

In his free time, Rob takes a keen interest in, and occasionally assists his brother Bill in his profession of restoration of native plant communities. The 200 acre family farm in central Missouri has now become a showplace of "best practices" in native plant communities and habitat restoration.

Like all AFC Signature Members, Rob donates a percentage of every wildlife artwork sale to conservation causes. Some of the causes he has created artwork for include: The Endangered Wolf Center, The Missouri Prairie Foundation, The Trumpeter Swan Society, Operation Migration, The Goualougo Triangle Ape Project, The Great Rivers Habitat Alliance, Chesapeake Bay Conservation Causes, and The St. Louis Zoo Wildcare Institute."

Rob Dreyer became a Signature Member of the Artists For Conservation in 2010 and has had his work selected for the annual AFC International Exhibit of Nature in Art consistently since his inclusion. His work has been juried into the live exhibit the last eight years in a row. His work has also been acquired by the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum and The St. Louis University Museum of Art.

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