Anne Barron

AFC Conservation Artist of the Month for September, 2021

Anne Barron puts her love and concern for nature succinctly, "Animals (and wildlife)  have been a passion for most of my life, particularly since the first real drawings I instinctively wanted to make were of wild animals, copied from a book. In a family who were not particularly drawn towards animals, domestic or wild, this was an innate connection to the animal world and it terrifies me that we are actively causing the extinction of so many species in my lifetime."

For over 25 years Anne Barron has been actively fundraising for wildlife charities through art events, donations of artwork and financial donations and continue this work for their local Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary in Shetland. This small charity has had a huge effect on local and international awareness of care for sea mammals in particular. People from all over the world have visited, volunteered and now help with financial support, and go back to their homes inspired and enthused to help their own local wildlife sanctuaries. Anne agreed to be a Trustee of the Sanctuary at an exciting time of transition with plans for new and improved animal housing, pools and visitor facilities, there is a lot of work to be done to safeguard the ongoing work as new younger staff will need to carry on the vision.

With fellow artist Irene Nixon, for 8 years Anne administered Wild About Art, an annual exhibition with the main purpose of encouraging art for all ages and raising awareness of, and funds for, conservation and endangered species. Their  tangible contribution is of between £15,000 and £20,000 raised for such wildlife charities as: The Dian Fossey Foundation for Mountain Gorillas, Global Tiger Patrol, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, British Trust for Ornithology, The Marine Conservation Society, and The David Shepherd Foundation. The intangible contribution we have made is enabling such heroes as Sir David Shepherd and Pollyanna Pickering to inspire and educate young and old alike at exhibitions, lectures and informal meetings to make their own contribution to caring for the environment.

"Since my move to Shetland, I continue to support wildlife charities in the usual way by donations, offering paintings for auctions and by making donations from sales of my own work. Donations are regularly given to a local wildlife sanctuary, the Hillswick Wildlife Sanctuary who do great work in rescuing injured wildlife and, where possible, returning them to the wild. I also support local and national animal rescue centres and international wildlife and animal charities"

Anne's daughter, Alex, now works for CPAWS in Vancouver.

Spending much of the year travelling around the UK, she gives demonstrations to art groups on how to "paint" with pencils but has now moved to beautiful Shetland where she is surrounded by the most stunning scenery and wildlife. She remains a Professional Associate of the Society of Amateur Artists as well as a Signature Member of AFC, and continues to support local wildlife charities.

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