Price Sheet

Following is an quick list of all artwork available for sale in The Art of Conservation annual exhibit, ordered alphabetically by the artist's last name.

Title Artist Price (USD) Artwork Type Medium Subject Citizenship Soldsort icon Edit link Beneficiary
Ball Python Twins Tony Mayo $2,680.00 Sculpture Brazilian Soapstone, Carnelian, Moso Bamboo, Heavy Plate Mirror Sculpture of Ball Python at rest Artists For Conservation (AFC)
Earth Watch - Encroaching Darkness Pete Marshall $3,500.00 Wall-hanging Colored pencil Amur Leopard Tasmanian Land Conservancy
Giraffes at Ngorogoro Werner Rentsch $2,500.00 Wall-hanging Oil paint Giraffes Endangered Species International
Zebra Reflections Werner Rentsch $4,000.00 Wall-hanging Oil paint Zebra African Fund for Endangered Wildlife
Polyps Popping to a Funky Groove Kim Toft $2,000.00 Wall-hanging Hand-painted silk Walking shark with coral polyps Australian Marine Conservation Society
Sea Slugs Shimmy Kim Toft $2,000.00 Wall-hanging Hand-painted silk Hand-painted silk Australian Marine Conservation Society
Ancient Truce Rosetta $7,600.00 Sculpture Bronze on granite Male African lion & male human African Wildlife Foundation
On Top of the World in the Ogilvie Mountains Kathy Haycock $700.00 Wall-hanging Oil on panel Yukon Landscape Canadian wildlife Federation
Heart Space Geraldine Simmons $500.00 Wall-hanging Scratchboard Lions Big Cat Rescue
Canopy King Alejandro Bertolo $800.00 Wall-hanging Pigments and ink on Chinese paper King of Saxony Bird of Paradise Fundacion Vida Silvestre Argentina
Himalayan Migrants Alejandro Bertolo $800.00 Wall-hanging Pigments and ink on Chinese paper Black-necked Cranes International Crane Foundation
The Circus Fiona Goulding $900.00 Wall-hanging Oil on panel New Zealand Kea Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)
In the Hemlocks Uta Strelive $3,000.00 Sculpture Tupelo Wood painted with oils Male and Female Kinglets Artists For Conservation (AFC)
Sideroad Cafe Uta Strelive $1,500.00 Sculpture Tupelo Wood painted in oils Blue Jay on a sunflower Artists For Conservation (AFC)
Endangered Reflections Gemma Gylling $3,700.00 Wall-hanging Colored Pencil Amur Leopard Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
Great Blue Zen Betsy Popp $1,450.00 Wall-hanging Oil Great Blue Heron Raptor Education Group
Little Tweets Betsy Popp $675.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic and graphite Immature Lesser Goldfinch Raptor Education Group
Red-shouldered Hawk Andrea Rich $1,000.00 Wall-hanging Woodcut print Red-shouldered Hawk Artists for Nature Foundation
The Flock (state III) Andrea Rich $645.00 Wall-hanging Woodcut print Large flock of blackbirds Artists for Nature Foundation
A Jewel in the Snows of March J. Sharkey Thomas $6,500.00 Wall-hanging Oil on canvas Varied Thrush taking shelter under a snowberry bush The Owl Foundation
Dionysus Douglas Aja $5,500.00 Sculpture Bronze African Elephant Amboseli Trust for Elephants
Fleeing Gazelle Douglas Aja $500.00 Sculpture Bronze Thomson's Gazelle Action For Cheetahs In Kenya (ACK)
Morning Mist on the Trail Home J. Sharkey Thomas $5,200.00 Wall-hanging Oil on canvas Raccoon family heading home after a night's foraging The Owl Foundation
Mulga Branch Paula Wiegmink $1,950.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic on stretched canvas Birds Australian Conservation Foundation
The Hunter Cher Anderson $5,900.00 Wall-hanging Acrylics Peregrine Falcon Montana Raptor Conservation Center
Sedona Colors Cher Anderson $2,000.00 Wall-hanging Watercolors, Gouache, Acrylics Black Phoebe Juvenile Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
Sleepless Rest Becci Crowe $2,500.00 Wall-hanging Pen & Ink Pointillism Male Lion Wildlife Conservation Network
Waiting for Mom Cindy Sorley-Keichinger $6,936.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic Leopard cub in sausage tree Africat Foundation (The)
Mountain Majesty Suzie Seerey-Lester $15,000.00 Wall-hanging Oil on panel American White Pelicans Artists For Conservation (AFC)
The Chase Is On John Seerey-Lester $30,000.00 Wall-hanging Oil on panel Lion running through water Artists For Conservation (AFC)
Wind in the Sail Guy Harvey $9,500.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic on canvas Sailfish with School of Baitfish Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation
Wind Dance Jon Janosik $4,000.00 Wall-hanging Walnut oil on linen Whooping Cranes - Grus americana International Crane Foundation
From My Winter Window Jon Janosik $3,000.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic on gesso (real) Panel Varied Thrushes in winter: Ixoreus naevius Artists For Conservation (AFC)
Mobius Ferrets Ellen Woodbury $16,000.00 Sculpture Ozark Brown Marble and Mongolian Imperial Black Marble on Travertine and Walnut Two Black-footed Ferrets chasing each other. Artists for Conservation
A Tree Needs a Bird Ellen Woodbury $18,000.00 Sculpture Belgium Black Marble and Sivec Marble on Carrara Marble and Granite Clark's Nutcracker and Whitebark Pine Tree Artists for Conservation
Sundrenched Dianne Munkittrick $900.00 Wall-hanging Oil Cheetah Action For Cheetahs In Kenya (ACK)
Understory Kathleen Dunn $4,000.00 Wall-hanging Oil on canvas Varied Thrush and Winter Wren American Bird Conservancy
Desert Coyote Marcia Barclay $850.00 Wall-hanging Scratchboard/ink Coyote Denver Zoological Foundation
Luca Marcia Barclay $850.00 Wall-hanging Scratchboard/colored ink Military Macaw Humane Society International
Wind Riders Brent Cooke $5,700.00 Sculpture Bronze/Stainless steel Maple leaves blowing in the wind Artists For Conservation (AFC)
Grassland Harmonies Colin Starkevich $1,825.00 Wall-hanging Oil on canvas Landscape, Rough-legged Hawk, Pronghorn Artists For Conservation (AFC)
Home for Tiger Salamander Rebecca Richman $3,900.00 Wall-hanging Watercolor & pastel High alpine lake with reflections of tiger salamanders in clouds and water Nature Conservancy (International)
A Close Encounter Cynthie Fisher $5,900.00 Wall-hanging Oil Burchell Zebra African Wildlife Foundation
A Snack for Later Cynthie Fisher $6,500.00 Wall-hanging Oil Leopard African Wildlife Foundation
Cacophony in Blue Kim Kanoa Duffek $1,900.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic on linen Black-throated Magpie-Jay (Calocitta colliei) Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
Nebula Sandi Lear $2,150.00 Wall-hanging Watercolour Clouded Leopard Artists for Nature Foundation
Otter Here! Sandi Lear $1,800.00 Wall-hanging Watercolour Sea Otters Artists For Conservation (AFC)
A Brave New World Peter Blackwell $3,900.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic on board Barn Owl Anne K Taylor Fund
Winter BlueBird Sara Desjardins $1,375.00 Wall-hanging Fiber Art/Needle Felting Bluebird in a crabapple tree Audubon Society
Whisper Song Kelly Dodge $1,600.00 Wall-hanging Pastel Blue Jay Artists For Conservation (AFC)
Fast Food - American Kestrel Karyn deKramer $900.00 Wall-hanging Watercolor Bird - American Kestrel Male Artists for Conservation
Lady of the Night Tykie Ganz $3,500.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic Snowy Owl Ducks Unlimited
Better Hide Michelle McCune $4,295.00 Wall-hanging Oil on linen Male lion, Maasai Mara, Kenya Soysambu Conservancy Ltd.
Better Run Michelle McCune $4,295.00 Wall-hanging Oil on linen African Cape Buffalo Soysambu Conservancy Ltd.
Bald Eagle: Soaring the Splash Zone Mark Hobson $4,820.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic on canvas Bald Eagle, Haida Gwaii Coastline, Ocean Raincoast Conservation Society
Just a Tag Along Janet Heaton $2,200.00 Wall-hanging Chalk Pastel Swan Geese Africat Foundation (The)
'Persecuted' Badger Maquette Ama Menec $1,550.00 Sculpture Patinated Foundry Bronze The British Badger Cull Badger Trust
Mustang James Stewart $25,000.00 Sculpture Bronze Horse Head Artists for Conservation
Amakihi Priscilla Baldwin $1,200.00 Wall-hanging Scratchboard Hawaiian Honey Creeper Artists For Conservation (AFC)
Speckled Rattlesnake Priscilla Baldwin $1,500.00 Wall-hanging Scratchboard White rattlesnake Artists For Conservation (AFC)
Balam Eleazar Saenz $3,850.00 Wall-hanging Oil/canvas Jaguar Audubon Society
My Dear Neighbors Valentin Katrandzhiev $3,500.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic Wild Turkeys Audubon Society
Kissed by the Sun Valentin Katrandzhiev $3,600.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic Snowy Owl Canadian Peregrine Foundation
Portait of a Bighorn Sheep James Fiorentino $4,000.00 Wall-hanging Watercolor Bighorn sheep Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey
Little Brown Bat James Fiorentino $3,500.00 Wall-hanging Watercolor Little Brown Bat Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey
Otter Diving Martin Hayward-Harris $11,000.00 Sculpture Bronze Otter diving The Peregrine Fund
Successors Patricia A Griffin $17,500.00 Wall-hanging Oil on linen Polar Bear Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center
Gila Patricia A Griffin $2,700.00 Wall-hanging Oil on linen Gila Woodpecker Artists For Conservation (AFC)
Adirondack Afternoon Ray Easton $6,200.00 Wall-hanging Oil on board Common Loons Rainforest Action Network (RAN)
Roseate Spoonbills Jan Lutz $2,800.00 Wall-hanging Oil Roseate Spoonbills Save The Frogs
Emerald Toucanet Jan Lutz $800.00 Wall-hanging Oil Emerald Toucanet Artists For Conservation (AFC)
Standing in Nothingness Leila Refahi $1,300.00 Wall-hanging Oil on canvas A kind of endangered fox of Iran Artists For Conservation (AFC)
Pelican Brief Karryl $2,200.00 Sculpture Bronze Three pelicans Wolf Conservation Center
Ray of Light Kentaro Nishino $3,000.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic on canvas Wolf Born Free Foundation
Boat-billed Flycatcher Barry MacKay $500.00 Wall-hanging Mixed acrylic-gouache Ecuador race, Boat-billed Flycatcher Ducks Unlimited
The Hanging Tree Len Rusin $1,500.00 Wall-hanging Oil on board Kingfisher Ducks Unlimited
Garzettas #01 Yasuo Watanabe $2,000.00 Wall-hanging Black ink on paper board Little Egret (Egretta garzetta) Jane Goodall Institute
Contemplation of Plight Cindy Billingsley $675.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic Chimp Artists For Conservation (AFC)
Nipalensis #04 Yasuo Watanabe $2,000.00 Wall-hanging Black ink on paper board Mountain Hawk-eagle(Spizaetus nipalensis) Orangutan Protection Foundation
Sounds of Silence Amy Larson $3,800.00 Wall-hanging Oil Sumatran Orangutan Painted Dog Conservation Organization
Hedgehog End Varda Breger $990.00 Wall-hanging Mixed media on paper Hedgehog Artists for Nature Foundation
Ancestral Lands Roy Carretta $59,000.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic Bald eagle with Grizzly Bears Ducks Unlimited Canada Inc.
Taking Flight Patricia Mansell $900.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic on canvas Canada Goose Raptor Trust (The)
Surveyor Beatrice Bork $1,800.00 Wall-hanging Watercolor and gouache Sharp-shinned Hawk (Immature) Cornell Lab of Ornithology
On the Hunt Linda Harrison-Parsons $2,000.00 Wall-hanging Pastel Great Horned Owl Artists For Conservation (AFC)
The Lookout Judy Studwell $3,000.00 Wall-hanging Graphite and watercolor Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill Orangutan Protection Foundation
Those Quiet Evenings In. Gregory Wellman $1,100.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic on canvas board Orang-utan African Fund for Endangered Wildlife
No Two Alike Rick Wheeler $1,800.00 Wall-hanging Scratchboard/watercolor Zebra National Parks Conservation Association (USA)
The River Deep Rick Wheeler $3,800.00 Wall-hanging Scratchboard/watercolor Grand Canyon Pheasants Forever
Blue-eared Pheasant Ji Qiu $900.00 Wall-hanging Pencil Crossoptilon auritum Ducks Unlimited Canada Inc.
Fur Elise - Sung by the Sparrow Emily Lozeron $2,100.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic on Baltic Birch Savanna Sparrow Ducks Unlimited Canada Inc.
The Strength Of A Bison Emily Lozeron $1,300.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic on Baltic Birch Bison Ducks Unlimited Canada Inc.
King of Africa Pollyanna Pickering $5,251.00 Wall-hanging Gouache Lion Pollyanna Pickering Foundation
Sacred Falcon Pollyanna Pickering $2,500.00 Wall-hanging Gouache Lanner Falcon Pollyanna Pickering Foundation
On the Downside Linda Feltner $1,750.00 Wall-hanging Transparent watercolor White-breasted Nuthatch and Tolype Moth American Bird Conservancy
Where Eagles Dare Linda Feltner $4,500.00 Wall-hanging Transparent watercolor Golden Eagle and White-throated Swifts American Bird Conservancy
Velvet Splendor Derek Wicks $2,500.00 Wall-hanging Acrylics Bull Moose Artists For Conservation (AFC)
Instinct Patricia Banks $1,900.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic on canvas Wildlife Nature Trust of British Columbia
Hasty Descent James Kiesow $1,250.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic Snow Leopard Action For Cheetahs In Kenya (ACK)
Breaking Through Patricia Banks $3,200.00 Wall-hanging Oil on canvas Landscape Artists for Conservation
Bronze Red Grouse in Flight. Martyn Bednarczuk $7,000.00 Sculpture Bronze Moorland bird Amboseli Trust for Elephants
Gyrfalcon Martyn Bednarczuk $9,500.00 Sculpture Carved Wood and Hand-painted Bird of Prey Snow Leopard Trust
Eh! Mary Jane Jessen $2,200.00 Wall-hanging Collage and oil paint on canvas Canada Jay Raincoast Conservation Society
Right Across the River Julia Hargreaves $5,325.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic on canvas Wolves International Crane Foundation
Backward Glance Anne Peyton $3,500.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic Common Crane Liberty Wildlife Rehabilitation Foundation
On His Territory Anne Peyton $2,700.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic Red-winged Blackbird Soysambu Conservancy Ltd.
Marsh King Linda Sutton $1,400.00 Wall-hanging Transparent watercolor Male African Lion from the Marsh Pride in Kenya David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
In the Sun for Now Linda Sutton $700.00 Wall-hanging Transparent watercolor Juvenile White Rhinoceros David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
Elephant! Tembo! Alison Nicholls $3,200.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic Tourism & human-elephant conflict African People & Wildlife Fund
Facing the Storm John Megahan $2,000.00 Wall-hanging Oil Wolverine Nature Conservancy (International)
Terraform Carel Brest van Kempen $7,000.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic House Sparrows, House Mice, Leopard Slugs Artists For Conservation (AFC)
Whiskers Terry Woodall $1,600.00 Sculpture Myrtlewood Hawaiian Monk Seal American Bird Conservancy
From Head to Tail Terry Woodall $2,000.00 Sculpture Myrtlewood Chinook Salmon Artists for Conservation
Targeted Approach Caroline Brooks $4,700.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic on Baltic Birch Snow Leopard Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation
Chillin' Caroline Brooks $4,500.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic on Baltic Birch Black Bear Artists for Conservation
The Web of Life David Kitler $16,000.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic on Baltic birch Birds, Mammals and Reptiles Artists For Conservation (AFC)
Backyard Encounters - Squirrel David Kitler $3,950.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic & Graphite Squirrel Artists for Conservation
Conflict on the Saltbush Plains Chris McClelland $7,500.00 Wall-hanging Coloured pencils Kangaroo Australian Conservation Foundation
The Wild Side Kathleen Dunphy $5,000.00 Wall-hanging Oil on linen Catalina Island Snow Leopard Trust
On the Ice Linda Besse $1,550.00 Wall-hanging Oil Polar Bear Cheetah Conservation Fund
Cat Naps Linda Besse $2,100.00 Wall-hanging Oil Lions Cheetah Conservation Fund
An Apple a Day... Claude Thivierge $3,500.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic Bear Artists for Conservation
Martin Martin Gates $4,800.00 Sculpture Bronze edition 12 Pelican Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation
L'entille d'eau - Duckweed Claude Thivierge $2,000.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic Wood Duck Nature Conservancy (International)
Trash Birds Carel Brest van Kempen $3,600.00 Wall-hanging Washes of India and sepia inks Asian Pied Harrier and African Pied Wagtails African Wildlife Foundation
Observer Annika Funke $1,400.00 Wall-hanging Mixed media (watercolor, charcoal, pencil) Meerkat Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Sport Of Kings Megan Kissinger $1,950.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic On canvas Foggy Everglades Morning with Kingfisher and Tarpon Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Approaching the Clearing Ken Nash $2,495.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic Black bear Canadian Wildlife Federation
Monsters of the Deep John Banovich $48,000.00 Wall-hanging Oil on Belgian linen Wildebeest crossing crocodile-infested river Shark Research Institute
Tangled Up In Blue Megan Kissinger $6,500.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic diptych on gallery canvas Ibis and Roseate Spoonbill in Florida Marsh Artists for Conservation
The Gathering Mary Louise Holt $2,600.00 Wall-hanging Oil on panel Native American mother and child encounter Carolina Parakeets Ape Action Africa
Jimmy Jimmy Robin Huffman $7,500.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic on linen canvas Adult female De Brazza's Guenon Monkey Nature Conservancy (International)
Carolina Wren and Snow Trillium Mary Louise Holt $800.00 Wall-hanging Oil on panel Carolina Wren and Snow Trillium Sea Research Foundation
'Flir' Guy Combes $2,500.00 Wall-hanging Oil Mother of the Soysambu pride. Soysambu Conservancy Ltd.
Chatterboxes Jonathan Sainsbury $1,900.00 Wall-hanging Charcoal and watercolour European Starlings Endangered Wolf Center
Return of the Red Wolf Rob Dreyer $5,000.00 Wall-hanging Oil on canvas Red Wolves once again roaming their native habitat East African Wild Life Society
Return of the Leviathan Frank Walsh $2,500.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic Humpback Whales and West Maui mountains Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center
Angora Susie Gordon $1,800.00 Wall-hanging Oil on linen Angora Goat David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
Little Bird Dance Susie Gordon $895.00 Wall-hanging Charcoal on Strathmore Bird David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation
Jake and Elwood Diane Versteeg $1,300.00 Wall-hanging Scratchboard Cheetahs Sierra Club
Costa's Hummingbird Diane Versteeg $500.00 Wall-hanging Scratchboard Costa's Hummingbird Nature Conservancy (International)
Gamble's Quail Chick Study Sharon K. Schafer $800.00 Wall-hanging Watercolor on Arches paper Gamble's Quail Chick Greenpeace International
Sandeel Bounty Sally Berner $1,450.00 Wall-hanging Oil Atlantic Puffin with Sandeels Conservation International
Raven's Cry Sharon K. Schafer $4,500.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic on hardboard Common Raven on Mojave Yucca Nature Conservancy of Canada
Fierce Joyce Trygg $400.00 Wall-hanging Watercolour on paper Saw-whet Owl American Bird Conservancy
Surfside Trio Patsy Lindamood $1,250.00 Wall-hanging Pastel on ampersand pastelboard Shore birds National Parks Conservation Association (USA)
Bear With Me Vickie McMillan $9,000.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic Kodiac bear cubs Birds Australia
Mossy Forest Joseph Koensgen $2,800.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic Barred Owl SOLDSOLD Raincoast Conservation Society
Emergence Colin Starkevich $310.00 Wall-hanging Oil on clayboard Pronghorn Antelope fawn and artist SOLDSOLD Artists For Conservation (AFC)
Mousing Chris Maynard $4,300.00 Sculpture Heritage turkey feather Kestrel (small falcon) hunting for mice SOLDSOLD Audubon Society
Under the Barn Valerie Rogers $250.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic Marmot SOLDSOLD The Peregrine Fund
Keel-billed Toucan Lynn Erikson $3,350.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic on canvas Keel-billed Toucan SOLDSOLD Nature Conservancy (International)
Steller Cove Patricia Mansell $2,400.00 Wall-hanging Acrylic on canvas Steller Sea Lion SOLDSOLD Ducks Unlimited Canada Inc.
The Story Teller Robert Schlenker $845.00 Wall-hanging Oil Raven and pictograph SOLDSOLD Nature Trust of British Columbia
Grace & Beauty - American Egrets Mary Erickson $7,200.00 Wall-hanging oil on linen American Egrets on nest SOLDSOLD Artists For Conservation (AFC)
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