In the Reeds (2013)

My wife and I live in the Pitt Polder area of the Lower Mainland in British Columbia, and are always excited when we get the opportunity to see the Sandhill Cranes return from their winter migration. With fossils dating back 2.5 million years, it always feels like we've time traveled to the Lower Pleistocene era as we watch these massive birds soar in the sky above. While Sandhill Crane populations in British Columbia as a whole have increased in recent decades, the number of cranes breeding in the Fraser Lowlands remains small and vulnerable. One of the major threats to the Sandhill Crane comes from the habitat change taking place in and around their nesting regions as a result of the encroaching cranberry and blueberry farms. We cautiously studied this pair as they made their way through the marsh and reeds onto the trail where we were crouched. Quite confident in nature, they made it very clear to us that this was their path and could we kindly make way. It was a joy to create this painting, carefully studying every feather and capturing the elements of the environment they call home.

In the Reeds

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