Cockatoo Canapes (2016)

The Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo’s are often seen in large flocks though they also occur in pairs and trios. They are an active, noisy and conspicuous species which are mainly arboreal, spending much of the day feeding. They mainly eat seeds, which are usually extracted from the hard seed pods of eucalypts, casuarinas and banksias, using their robust bills to tear them open. They are cavity nesters and as such depend on trees with fairly large diameters. Populations in South Eastern Australia are threatened by deforestation and other habitat alterations. This intimate scene with various complex textures was a joy to paint spending many hours fine tuning the details. Time well spent as “Cockatoo Canapes” won the Grand Prize of the 2017 International Artist Magazine No. 99 Wildlife Challenge.

Cockatoo Canapes

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