Home for Tiger Salamander (2016)

$3900 USD
Fluid, viable relationships bring into focus the connection of one life to another, and the ways in which we impact our planet and are impacted by it. I create images that reveal the inherent bond between species and ecosystems, people and our natural world. I give great care to creating my work and devote up to 200 hours to each painting. Initially when I choose a subject, there is an important conservation issue to which I want to bring attention. Then the research begins before I even begin sketching. Field studies and the library are two of my favorite resources for research. I especially enjoy being out in nature so I can experience a place firsthand, and be in the presence of the amazing plants and animals I paint. There's a special spirit inherent in each species and each individual life. I've found that people feel this energy in my work and experience a deeper connection with nature. I'm a strong supporter of conservation, not only through my art, but through my commitment to on-the-ground stewardship efforts. I've volunteered at nature preserves near places I've lived and during my travels. I also donate whatever I can to my favorite non-profit organizations focused on conserving the natural world. 

Home for Tiger Salamander

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